Cloud Overview

We host features that are bound to
bring results on ground.

Cloud Overview

Vitel Global has designed features and has incorporated abilities to improve employee productivity with respect to business communications. With over hundreds of brainstorming sessions, we have fore played the features which are bound to bring results on ground.

With the modern technologies integrated with our ideology, now it is easy and inexpensive to install and deploy a robust communications network, which you always wanted to work with.

Voice & Data Solutions Guide

Voice Data Solutions

What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

VoIP is a combination of software and hardware architecture that allows calls over the internet data stream based on IP rather than PSTN networks. Most commonly and loosely associated terms with VoIP include, IP Telephony, Broadband phone service, or even Voice over Broadband (VoBB).

How VoIP Works?

VoIP technology converts the analog sound signals and converts it into digital packets which travel with the internet stream with special access and rights so as to transfer the data as per the number dialed.

Types of VoIP

There are 3 ways to place a call in VoIP.

ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)

Analog Telephone Adapter is a rudimentary form of VoIP hardware. In its crudest form, this device does the process of converting analog to digital signals, and transmits over an internet connection.

IP Phones

These look like regular phones but instead use the RJ-45 Ethernet connection directly instead of RJ-11 connectors. This is the most direct form of using VoIP.
IP Phones

Computer to Computer

If a computer system is equipped with chat microphone, speaker, sound card and an internet connection, with a simple Ethernet/Wireless connection, you can place VoIP calls.

Is it preferable to choose a VoIP service?

VoIP services prove to be reliable and cost effective for businesses that need a lot of communications, especially if placed in different parts of the world. This ensures high ROI and significant rise in productivity.

VoIP Services

What are the advantages of VoIP services?

VoIP comes with a host of benefits and add-ons, click here to know more.

What kinds of calling plans are found on VoIP?

VoIP plans are always planned on a curve, which means your costs won't go higher than a set limit, while your calls go touching unlimited. Vitel Global offers competitive rates and offers, for more information click here.

What are calling features that come with VoIP?

Basic features include caller ID, conference call and voicemail. Vitel Global in addition offers features like; call transfer and 411 directory support at same cost.

Ease of Setup

Setting up VoIP is a lot easier especially with our dedicated on ground team. Most of the setup is done through online settings which prove to be one-time and the installation will be good to go.


Vitel Global has an experienced and expert grievances handling team. VoIP technology allows most of the issues to be solved though online collaboration, for the rest of the issues, our ground team is always a call away.

Overview of cloud based business phone system in NJ, United States

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