Vitel Global Desktop App
Desktop App

Indulge in easy, instant communication.

Reaching out to a co-worker or customer is easier than ever. Click on a phone number directly in your desktop Application or in browser to initiate a new conversation immediately either a chat or call.

desktop application

Access and organize your corporate directory.

Vitel Global Desktop lets you search your corporate directory contacts by name, organize them into a favorites bar, and add new contacts for easy access.

Know a contact is free before placing a call.

Don't waste another second playing phone tag. Vitel Global Desktop comes with presence monitoring, enabling you to see when a contact is available for a phone call. Simply glance at your favorites sidebar to see if they're on the phone or not.

Feature List

Vitel Global Desktop gives you fast, flexible communications options, including:

Application for desktop to use business communication systems in USA

Chat or Call