Call Answering Features To Improve Your Productivity

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Do you often worry about how to answer all your business calls and attend to every single customer to never miss out on a business deal?

Then you might be looking for a business communication system that can provide you with flexible call-answering features to improve your business productivity.

But the question is, Do you have flexible call-answering features in your phone business communication system?

Vitel Global Communications provides the best business communication system with business phone communication and has a range of services that can boom up your business productivity. Whether you’re a small business looking for a flexible and cost-saving plan or a mid-scaled business looking for unlimited calling options that promise business continuity along with recovery from an expected cause, Vitel Global Communications can give you the services up to your expectations.

Use Vitel Global’s high-quality business phone system’s cloud extensions feature to stay intact with your employees and customers. Our phone business communication system comes with a variety of calling features that allow you to make a 1-1 voice call, 1-1 video call and Conference call as well, our business phone solution increases the effectiveness of your conference call by helping you in Conference Bridging. Such as our hosted PBX solutions provide you with a flexible call answering feature to make you never miss a call.

We have made so virtual assistant, email notifications and auto call attendant features to increase the scalability of your business calls. Vitel Global’s hosted PBX solutions’ Auto-attendant feature allows callers to access the directory of users, thereby enabling them to connect to the party of their choice. They can directly get to their concerned departments like Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, etc. Configure time zones for each extension and our night and day auto attendant can have your calls transferred to a different location based on that phone systems profile.

Published: August 3rd, 2020