Make the switch to the cloud voice to experience the real cloud solution for your business.

Cloud solutions eliminate all the problems with the old telephone system.

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Individualized Greetings

Customized greetings will keep your callers interested and informed, strengthening the company's brand power.

A Useful Name Directory

Calling a specific employee inside a company is now simple since all the user needs to do is type in the person's first two or three letters.

Deploy cloud services to
boost your sales.

Cloud services provide a wide range of additional advantages that might help your business attract new clients or boost sales. A few of the advantages are:

Hassle-free Installation

Since the installation is done online with the assistance of our support team, it is simple and doesn't require any prior understanding of technology to operate. If you need any more assistance, you may contact our help desk.

Round the clock support

We have an incredible support staff available to address any technical issue you may be experiencing.

Less Downtime

We guarantee a 99.99 percent uptime rate, so you can relax. Due to the fact that two servers are now active

Reasonable Plans

Our strategies may be totally tailored to the needs of any sort of company, no matter how big or little. One can select from the offered plans or purchase extra add-ons based on their needs.

Spend less on Cloud VoIP Solutions

Choose the best business cloud VoIP solution for your business with effective and customizable plans based on your need.

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Cloud VoIP features

VoIP and its Features

VoIP is a wonderful function that utilizes the Internet. The VoIP Phone Services allow for real-time calling. When compared to regular phone lines or the public switched telephone network, the quality is unaffected while in call. Due to their features and flexibility, VoIP phone providers can outperform other phone services. For example, unlike traditional phone connections, which take a long time to set up and move from one location to another, VoIP phones don't need to be physically moved, giving them an advantage over other phone services in terms of portability.

VoIP business phone services are the ideal solution for companies with several sections and departments to manage on a regular basis.

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Vitel Global Communication Platform

Unified customer and staff experiences to fuel your agile business.

  • Contact CenterContact Center

    Create processes driven by AI for every engagement to delight consumers and empower staff.

  • With local phone numbers and worldwide connection from a single simple app, put your company on the map.

  • With desktop and mobile screen-sharing, dominate your upcoming 1:1 or all-hands meeting in HD video.

  • Say hi! to more effortless, effective communication with co-workers and other chat services.

  • Use phone, video, chat, SMS, and other tools to interact with clients on their terms.

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