Access to Your Calling Activities Through Vitel Global Communications Desktop VoIP App.

Vitel Global Communications provides a user-friendly desktop application that the users feel so comfortable utilizing it.
Accessing the desktop application wherever and whenever they want.
Vitel Global has extra pre-loaded features like reaching out to the people directly. Just click on the contact number of the person you would like to reach and then open a space for conversation.
The directory contains the database of all the necessary contacts for official interactions, customer-related query handling and so forth.

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Vitel Global Desktop App

Best Business Phone Application for Your PC

A desktop application with a unique approach to keep you updated
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Multiple Browsers Compatibility

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Windows and Mac OS Compatibility

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Zero Lagging

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Powerful features

 Desktop Voip App

Up-time and running

 Desktop Voip App


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Easily accessible

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Higher Stability

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Controls for Advance Calls

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SMS (internal/external)

Cloud video sharing App

Screen Sharing in a Group

VoIP Video Conferencing

Conferencing via video

VoIP Call Status

On-Call Status Extension

VoIP automatic Call Waiting

API for Automatic Dialing

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Share Your Word through the Desktop Application

Use a single platform to communicate with employees and clients. Lessen the app fatigue, prevent losing productivity.

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Connect Beyond Boundaries with Cloud Softphone for PC

Vitel Global Communications standard video meeting can be accessed from anywhere in the world, collaborating with work mates, customers is now a hassle-free task.

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Drive More Customers through Vitel Global Desktop App

Download the windows version of Vitel Global application to access the industry standard features for all your business communication needs without any delay.

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