Smart Routing of IVR During Covid-19

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Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a technique of smart routing that is useful to route the callers to the appropriate agent. Vitel Global Communications comes up with smart routing of IVR system that increases the sales, improves customer’s support and helps to maintain efficient billing.

Interactive Voice Response of Vitel Global Communications gives your business a personalized experience of smart routing of IVR during COVID-19 that can route your business callers to the exact destination without any delay. It acts as a telephony menu on the call that suggests relative options from which callers can choose and access the appropriate solution for their concerns. Our IVR system is developed, by keeping in mind the latest technology and users’ requirements, that can be considered as a perfect match for your agents, as it will enable them to be more specific at the time of user interaction and at providing them with a relevant resolution. It can assist your agents during high volume calls, as they get prioritized calls according to their area of expertise.

Therefore, our smart IVR system helps to maintain better customer relationship management and increase business revenue. As per its appropriateness, it reduces time spent in gathering caller’s information and transferring the call to another agent.

Vitel Global offers the intelligent routing of IVR that increases the customer’s satisfaction and customer service efficiency. As the callers get the right agent on call, it enhances first contact resolution and eliminates the problem of repetition of the same queries. With our smart routing of IVR, we have tried to replace availability with speciality, as the callers will not only get the available agent but the best agent according to the specifications of the query. Hence, try Vitel Global’s IVR system to assist your business to increase sales, enhance customer service and efficient billing.

Published: May 19th, 2020