Hosted PBX Providers for Small Businesses- Pricing, Features and Benefits

Hosted PBX Providers

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In today’s business-driven world, the importance of efficiently communicating with clients, employees, and partners across a wide geographic region has never been greater. Numerous businesses have invested in private branch exchange services that allow users to connect via hosted PBX providers, which are then connected to the telephone network. The advantages include lower-overhead costs and more time to focus on business development instead of managing the technology.

Several new firms have recently begun offering PBX phone systems for small businesses. While these companies offer various features and technical support, some of the most popular features available from these services are as follows:

Currently, numerous providers in the market offer different types of hosting services. VoIP is the prevailing and convenient method for small businesses to communicate across their wide geographic area. While it may have disadvantages, it can also be a cost-effective solution.

A Hosted PBX for Small Businesses:

A hosted phone system for small businesses is an affordable and convenient way for companies to connect with their customers. In the age of technology, this type of solution has become increasingly essential. It offers a range of benefits, from improved customer relations to enhanced productivity.

The hosting company usually provides the hardware, and a staff member will take care of everything from installing the system to answering technical questions. There is also setup and installation fee that may vary depending on your business size and monthly bill rate per line in your landline or mobile phone plans.

Regarding the range and quality of features, a hosted PBX phone system for small businesses offers everything traditional phone systems have. They allow employees to connect through many platforms, including office and mobile phones. Unlike a traditional phone system, a hosted one has features that anyone with an internet connection can utilize.

Some of the Benefits are:

Currently, numerous vendors offer various SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) services to customers.

The following is a list of well-known PBX phone systems for small businesses.

Currently, some of the most popular specialized services for small businesses include the following:

Small business communication has both advantages and disadvantages when coming to effective connection; One such disadvantage is the need for more control over the call servers, which can be difficult to set up on various devices (such as mobile phones and tablets) due to software incompatibility. If a server is down or is running slowly, this has an immediate impact on all users. The cost per call may also be high for end users making many short calls.

With the advent of advanced technology and shifting trends in business dynamics, customer relations have become increasingly important to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). More than ever, companies must quickly commit to their customers by providing excellent service. Traditional systems often come with traditional solutions for improving customer relations. It can include a customizable menu and automated attendants that help provide callers with the right information.

However, only some hosted PBX systems go beyond these features. Cloud-based PBX can allow employees to customize their availability status and assign easy-to-remember extensions to employees. The phone system also allows callers to record their greetings instead of using an automated greeting system. It enhances the personal relationship between customers and your company’s employees.

In this system, the customer saves investment.  However, some hosts offer bundled packages for multiple lines at low prices. It is an excellent opportunity for companies with multiple locations to cover their entire territory from one base.

A phone service allows you to connect both your inbound and outbound calls via your web browser with an internet connection. You can then use the browser-based interface to manage your contacts, call forwarding, auto attendant, and more.


PBX hosts and services, including free capabilities, are available to home users with limited needs or desires. They look at what they are, costs, support, and solution control over time. 

The price depends on the concurrent callers they can accommodate and their monthly service level (the number of users and the contract’s duration). Each tier offers different modes of services, which will be the reason for the selection. 

When you opt for a PBX system, often overlooked is whether or not you have the right equipment already in place so that your new system can operate. It would help if you had a high-speed internet connection. You will also need a router/modem to connect to the internet.


It has become a major obstacle for small businesses to select cloud-based PBX by replacing the on-premise and VoIP technology

The alternatives for small businesses are limited to cloud PBX providers that offer either a free or low-cost service with added features, such as call forwarding, toll-free numbers, mobile softphones, and more.

Hosted Phone System Providers provide hosted telephone services for small businesses at a relatively cheaper cost than traditional phone systems. It is considered a fast-growing business today because of its low cost, flexibility, high quality, reliable service, and more.

The top five hosting providers receive their comparison charts broken into two categories: SIP and the third party can implement these features through an API.

It Offers Great Flexibility:

It can be accessed through any medium which has an internet connection, and most cloud PBX providers can easily handle around 1,000 concurrent calls at a time.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the case of PBX as space will be the biggest challenge.  With thorough research, it is possible to choose the right service.

Softphones are generally cheaper than hosted PBX providers, but this is because they don’t offer all of the features. Due to unsuitable phones, the call quality is compromised. This can be dealt with using high-end business phones for calling.

Published: March 9th, 2023