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Business Phone Solutions: Improving Communication and Efficiency

Discover the power of business phone solutions! Upgrade now for improved connectivity. Small businesses are the backbone of our

Business Phone Systems

SIP Vs VoIP Functions in Business Phone Systems: Differences

Modern business phone systems go far beyond conventional voice calls in order to accommodate new levels of communication technology. Let us get straight to the point; VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the internet calling technology. Whereas SIP (Sessions Initiation Protocol) is the protocol that facilitates the service. Professionals communicate using various technology, while phones […]

Voip hacking

VoIP Hacking: Is it Possible?

Does VoIP hacking work? Or is it just a myth? Anything online is vulnerable to hacking. Before the subject, one must understand that there are ethical hackers that do the operation with the organization’s knowledge to find and troubleshoot the issues. On the other hand, unethical/ black hat hackers do the same for additional purposes […]


Are Landlines Outdated?

Landlines are our childhood friends! How many of your friends’ home numbers do you remember? Very few or not at all! Recall those pay phones where we used to go with a book of written numbers! Maybe the past 2 decades were the era of landline telephones.  But that was a time when digital technology […]


An Overall Comparison between UCaaS and CPaaS

Every business wants a communication system to optimize its operations. These infrastructures must be affordable and flexible to cope with the present-day working culture. In this blog, we will try to explain the basic types of communication systems and a subtle comparison between UCaaS and CPaaS. We hope this will help you before you choose […]

Business Phone System

10 Suggestions for Business Phone Users for Best Productivity

VoIP has taken business phone services to the next level with an assurance of better operations as well as productivity. The goal of our blog is to give ten suggestions for cloud phone users before installing the modern communication phone system in your business. Have You Ever Thought About Whether The Phone System is Cost-Saving […]

VoIP Phone System

How to Switch to VoIP Phone System: The Small Business Guide to VoIP

Once you have thought of switching to a VoIP phone system, you must first ask, “Why is VoIP necessary for your business?” In simple terms, any business in the present world needs a cloud-based phone system to meet the growing demands of versatility in the business sector. We expect different features at cost-effective prices which […]

Cloud PBX System

6 Outstanding Benefits of Cloud PBX System

Vitel Global is an expert in providing Business VoIP solutions. In this blog, we are here to share the top 6 reasons to know why many businesses are switching to the Cloud PBX system. In recent years, technology has taken leaps; that might be due to the fast-growing industrial demands or to compensate for the pandemic […]

VoIP Service provider

How can VoIP Service Providers Improve their Reach?

VoIP Service Providers are increasing in number in the market, and there is a huge competition between them to stand out. This article will assist in improvising the reach. Who Are VoIP Providers? A company or organization which provides VoIP services to Businesses or individuals is known as a VoIP Provider.Voice over Internet Protocol, more […]

VoIP Services

VoIP Services are the Present Trend – Find out How?

VoIP Services: Is the quest for VoIP services tiring you? Then read the best VoIP services providers, and VoIP API concepts. Start with the basics: Voice over internet protocol is the technology that allows users to make and receive calls over the internet. Generally, traditional systems follow the circuit packet switching technology connected to the […]

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Business Communication for Financial Services: Benefits & Considerations

Auto Attendant Phone Systems in the Cloud Communications Era of 2023

Which One is Suitable for Your Business: UCaaS or VoIP?

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Business Phone Services