Increase Employee Productivity by Enabling Click to Call


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For businesses with multiple locations, click-to-call has always been a necessity. Now, businesses with multiple employees can take the convenience to the next level and increase productivity by allowing them to communicate easily.

For many employees, the office is the central location from which they handle all their responsibilities. It’s where they go to store files, learn new software, and collaborate with their colleagues. But for many companies, those interactions are exclusively conducted via email and phone conversations. And those phone conversations take up more of an employee’s day than any of the other activities combined.

It seems like an odd move to allow them the ability to contact one another in case of an emergency. However, by allowing for click-to-call business phone features functionality, you’re giving your employees a new tool that will help boost productivity. By making it easier for your employees to interact with one another and pass information quickly and efficiently.

The ability to scale one’s workforce up or down to meet ever-changing business needs is critical. Unfortunately, many mobile devices cannot make voice calls. This limitation can make scaling a business’ workforce challenging.

With Click-to-Call, a productivity solution is on. It enables businesses of all sizes to leverage their employees’ mobile devices and apps by enabling call functionality. Business phone features make it easy for remote workers and field service employees to connect with clients. Using their Voice over IP networks or the mobile operator’s voice call networks as opposed to text messaging or emailing requests. For time-sensitive questions, it may be better to handle them in real-time over a phone conversation.

VoIP Integration for Better Communication

VoIP integration allows your business to make and receive phone calls to and from anywhere in the world, regardless of the mobile network or carrier. This provides your employees with a significant increase in productivity as they can contact you directly when required.

VoIP integration allows you to do this easily and cost-effectively by empowering your resources to make confidential client communications directly from their mobile devices. This enables them to act as a 24-hour extension of your business, providing immediate access when needed throughout the day and night—whether they are available, or working onsite at clients’ sites.

The Need for Easy and Cost-Effective Call Authority

To be effective, remote employees must be sufficiently empowered to only make those phone calls that are needed for the specific company processes they are involved in. More consumers say they would have a hard time making important company-related calls at night or over weekends without first being able to call their boss or an executive at the company.

This underscores the need for businesses to rethink how they empower their resources by enabling them to make calls over VoIP networks rather than simply emailing or texting.

Integrating CRM with Business Phone

Your CRM system is a vital tool for managing customer relationships, tracking sales, and improving customer service. Integrating CRM with business phone service brings all of those tools together. So you can outsource the parts that are most convenient and easy to use while using your phone line or extension lines for what you need.

As the value of your CRM and other customer-focused technology grows, carriers are starting to offer services like click-to-call. This means that you no longer have to retrieve the same information from your CRM when a prospect picks up the phone. Instead, they hear information about your product or service and can make a decision based on what it is that you have to offer them.

There are many advantages to outsourcing call routing using click-to-call:

Call centers provide effective services because they can process calls from around the world in real time. Call centers can offer better customer service because they can be in control of the information being given out and can anticipate the needs of their customers. There is a lower cost to call the call center instead of routing your calls to your own office.

Here’s How It Works

Streamlined Lead Management

CRM integration provides smooth lead management. As soon as a customer calls in, instantly access their information from within the call center platform. This puts your agents in control of lead management so they can analyze and qualify contacts faster than ever.

Straight to the Point Call Routing

Quickly get straight to the point by calling directly through to customers from a call center agent. With a press of a button, employees can route straight to a contact’s primary line or even their CRM profile, streamlining lead generation and allowing you to leave customers satisfied.

Contact Profile Access

Streamline your lead routing, qualification, and analysis through integration with your CRM platform. Accessing a customer’s profile directly from within the call center helps agents get a better understanding of the customer, increasing your chances of securing new business and managing customer retention.

Call Routing Data

With click-to-call integration, you have access to real-time call data that helps you gauge success with your outbound campaigns. Since each phone number is tracked when it is called, you can see how many calls are being made, how many leads are being generated, and which numbers are performing at their best. This allows for the optimization of your marketing strategy to help increase conversion rates.

Agent Call Analytics

Integration also provides access to custom call analytics reports allowing you to track the performance of all of your agents.

Business Phone Features

Business phone features are an important part of your company’s look and feel. These business phone features help set the tone for your company, and set you apart from competitors by increasing employee productivity.

Let us see the benefits of enabling click-to-call on business phones with Broadsoft Business Phone Systems to increase worker productivity.

Enabling business phone service is a great way to increase worker productivity by eliminating time spent scrolling through contacts. It also helps reduce time chatting with co-workers about who they should be calling about their work updates when somebody is waiting on a call back from that department.

Call Routing

Ensure that calls are directed to the right department or team member. Call Routing is a tool that is useful during an existing call to the department member.

Call Management

A phone system that includes the ability to manage calls and record important information about those calls.

Call Queues

This feature allows employees to set up groups of calls and allows them to be monitored by department representatives. It also allows employees working in a group to share and listen in on calls. This saves time and ensures that no information will pass over.

Call Recording

Allows you to record and save incoming and outgoing calls. This is a valuable tool when tracking conversations with important clients, keeping notes, or even for training purposes.

Hold & Resume

Avoid missing important calls by allowing yourself to be placed on hold while a more urgent call is processed. The feature can then be useful to “resume” the original call when ready.

Call Transfer

One of the most common telephone features allows you to transfer your call to another individual. Without having to hang up and dial again. It also ensures that your caller will not disconnect during the transfer process and can greatly increase customer satisfaction scores.


With call features like click-to-call, call queues, call transfers, and more enhancing employee communications. It provides a higher level of customer service and can improve worker productivity. In addition, these features will help your business take that next step into a more professional look and feel. Increase worker productivity using business phone service.

Published: April 28th, 2020