Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing Solutions Key Benefits and Features: Remote Communication Tools

Video conferencing Solutions are a valuable communication tool that is accessible from anywhere. You’ll often use these solutions to share experiences and converse with people away from you. It includes collaborating with colleagues or clients in another location, responding to support tickets, performing presentations for customers or potential customers, and connecting with friends and family […]

Remote Communication Tools

Remote Communication Tools: Ensuring Security for Hybrid Work

In this current market, remote work culture is being promoted very well. Post the pandemic, many companies have successfully opted for a hybrid or remote work culture. Although employee productivity remains untouched, promoting such work cultures has a few challenges. These work cultures may only be suitable for some types of organizations because of the […]

Windows-Based Softphone Applications

Making the Most of Corporate Connections with Windows-Based Softphone Applications

Desktop applications play a crucial role in the everyday lives of individuals and businesses alike. From productivity tools to entertainment applications, desktop applications have revolutionized the way we work, communicate, and entertain ourselves. Connecting with clients and colleagues has always been challenging, thanks to today’s digital age’s abundance of communication tools. One such tool that […]

Desk phone

Soft Phone Vs Desk Phone: Business Phone Services

The goal of our blog is about the VoIP-enabled devices, softphones, and desk phone used for office communications that function pretty similarly. What is a VoIP? A VoIP-capable desk phone enables users to send voice signals in digital packets over the internet utilizing Ethernet/Fiber optic cables as opposed to traditional phone lines.  Voice over Internet […]

Connecting with your Remote Employees – Business Phone Solutions

The business world has been moved remotely since the outbreak of COVID-19. It was not easy for the employees not used to working from home. Employers themselves are concerned about meeting productivity criteria for every agent working remotely. Yes, productivity is a big concern regarding the team working from home. However, Vitel Global Communications established […]

Make Sure Your Team Has All The Communication Tools To Be Productive While Working From Home

Undoubtedly every business organization wants their employees to be more productive in every circumstance but unfortunately not every business communication system provider can claim they provide their customers all the business communication tools that are required to make their workforce efficient in different conditions. In this way many business organizations are still deprived from the […]

Collaborate Seamlessly From Anywhere & Anytime

Team collaboration is like a linchpin of  developing and rising business as it gives support to the wheel of business productivity by promoting employee’s motivation, their engagement towards the goal and improving their performance. It has been proved that the performance level of the employees who work in a collaborative workplace is multiple times greater […]

Now Enjoy Simultaneous Ring On Multiple Devices Configured With Vitel Global’s Business Communication Tools

With the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the whole 2020 has been passed with so many troubles. Throughout the year, business organizations had to endure the huge impacts of the crisis over its business communication efficiency, productivity and economy as well. But at last we figured out how to manage the business communication during these tough circumstances, […]

Safe Guard Your Employees With Vitel Global’s Remote Working Tools

What is the feasibility of working ? In business communication, the feasibility to work is all about to bring the communication facilities to the representatives of a company at wherever they are to enable the business communication and collaboration easily and conveniently so that the absence of the employees in their corporate workplace does not […]

Vitel Global Communications Explores The Ways To Save Your Time With Instant Set Up

Time is most valuable for every person in today’s world and when you are an entrepreneur, you have to save every single bit of the time that you have got to be productive towards your enterprise or business organization. When we talk about increasing the productivity of a business organization or enterprise then you can […]