Virtualizing Your Business Phone System

Virtual Call Center

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2020 has become the chapter that will have a significance in history with so many conventional changes because of the Covid-19 pandemic including social, religious or related to business trends. In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, to prevent the spread of the “Novel CoronaVirus” from person to person, it is necessary to maintain a standard social distance and follow the standards addressed by the administration. In this way “being contactless” became the trend everywhere when we started our works all over again.

If the term “being contactless” is trending everywhere in society and in every field, how could a business field remain apart from being contactless. But the “being contactless” is not just a term, the term in itself defines the way to be safe in the Covid-19 scenario i.e. if you want to be safe from the virus then you need to be completely contactless in whatever you do. So it’s not just a term, it has become the requirement for everyone in this global crisis. Being contactless is a way for every business organization and enterprise to start their work and improve the economy that is hardly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here is the way to make your business communication capable enough so that you can do your business operations, improve your economic condition and seamlessly implement the standards by the administration.

Vitel Global Communications robust Cloud Business Phone System is virtualizing your business communication system in every single way to make your business operations completely contactless. Vitel Global’s cloud communication tools form up a virtual platform to engage your business communication and collaboration. This virtual platform connects your employees together for collaboration and with the seamless collaboration all employees can communicate with the customers from their places.

Engaging your employees through the Virtual Communication Platform makes your business communication very useful to improve your business performance, connectivity, continuity and boom up your business productivity seamlessly implementing the standard of social distancing by the administration.

Apart from collaborating with the employees and communicating with your customers, our Cloud communication tools are able to host virtual meetings and conferences so that you can call up virtual meetings and conferences to discuss your new products, schemes and upcoming plans with your employees and partners.

Sharing files, projects and generating invoices also become contactless with the cloud communication tools. By enabling desktop sharing, you can share your business file and projects with one or more persons at a time, you can store them safely on the cloud, edit, recreate and create any file at any time from your place. Emailing invoices to your customers is the best way to become contactless, so now you can email the invoices to your customers which is also easy for them to keep their invoices safe with no issue of losing it.

Published: November 4th, 2020