Are Landlines Outdated?


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Landlines are our childhood friends! How many of your friends’ home numbers do you remember? Very few or not at all! Recall those pay phones where we used to go with a book of written numbers! Maybe the past 2 decades were the era of landline telephones. 

But that was a time when digital technology took birth. Today, everything is overwhelmed by cloud technology, and landlines are getting extinct. According to a survey, the number of landlines used in the past 15 years has decreased to half by now, and many business and residential phone users are ditching their landline connections by switching to best VoIP Phone Service.

With the introduction of cloud calling systems, businesses have started switching to VoIP telecom systems to avail of valuable technology features at low costs. 

What Made Internet Calling Better Than Landline?

It’s wireless calling. Yes! Wireless calling is the only feature that lured phone users to migrate to internet calling. Because this technology is not made of wires and consequently does not need maintenance, additional devices or replacements. 

Will Landlines Extinct?

It is tough to answer as landlines have their advantages. Many people these days refuse to say that landlines will be phased out. 

They state that calling overseas (VoIP can offer at low cost) and flexible calling features (probably useful for businesses) are not the only cases telecommunication is connected. 

Safety and data security are crucial when using a means of communication. For example, internet calling devices and smartphones with GSM technology (3G and 4G) are prone to hacking, and hackers do it all the time. 

But landlines cannot be hacked. It is the reason why many business leaders are not ready to altogether ditch landlines for VoIP as a gesture to protect anything confidential.

The Interference Of VoIP

with the introduction of a cloud-based calling system, which we call digital technology, many different versions of internet calling, such as Wi-Fi, Zoom and Skype, can offer video calling. 

The business world found it exciting and affordable to improve their business operations. It is when there arises a requirement for a Voice over Internet Protocol calling system

It is operated with cloud technology where all the operations are carried out in the cloud, i.e. internet. Besides, this is to keep in mind that this advanced technology is flexible enough to carry out multiple functions, which are later segregated into various features.

But interestingly, you should only pay for the connection and not anymore for the calls you do or features you use. Everything is included in the plan you subscribe to. 

How Did VoIP Calling Systems Become An Affordable Choice For Users?

One of the essential assets of VoIP that made people think about it! Suppose in the old times of landline usage; people used to pay for installation charges, a copper-wired system. Meanwhile, if you need any other feature or in case of upgrades, you need to replace it with a new and additional device. 

But, the VoIP phone services are entirely different from that. You will pay only for the IP phone you take, and there are no installation charges. Just connect your phone to the internet router and start dialing. There are no maintenance or service charges involved as with conventional landlines. 

Any upgrade is carried out in the cloud, and you need not pay anything extra; it offers you the unified communications that every business (small, medium or large) needs.


Concluding the above story is an evolution that has to be accepted. The world is globalized in the first step and then digitalized in the second. We need to get it for a better cause and to move forward.

Yet, a landline provides excellent security, whereas internet calling is prone to hacking. Cloud calling can save valuable information which cannot be performed by landline. 

Consider the above statement where each communication system has something unique to offer its users. Remember that your choice must be based on your requirements.

If you expect operational efficiency, choose VoIP, and in case of security is your top priority, then go for a traditional landline.

Still, it has to be informed as per a recent analysis; there is a statement that conventional landlines will become utterly extinct in the coming 2-3 decades, and many are sceptical with this line.

As already said, your choice directly depends on the requirements!

Published: September 19th, 2022