productivity hacks

11 Productivity Hacks in 2023: Tips & Tricks

Introduction: For any company to run successfully, the workforce of the company plays a major role. The organization should focus on hiring individuals who display extraordinary skills and are talented to increase productivity. They should also observe the candidates’ attitudes as it plays a major role. In this competitive market, we see many entrepreneurs entering […]

Business Phone Features

7 Advanced Business Phone Features for Technical Services

Business phone services have created a revolution in the modern business world. Almost many global leaders are already using these services. They add much value to the companies by offering many additional features that simplify the employee’s tasks. The business phone features best suit businesses as they can encourage employee productivity and help businesses in […]

stress at work

How to Handle Stress At Work: Pressure At Workplace

It is not new to hear that experienced employees will face work-related stress at some point. Suppose you enjoy your work, but simultaneously any job can have stressful aspects. In the short term, it is common to feel pressure to complete a difficult task or meet a deadline. However, workplace stress can be overwhelming and […]

Work Productivity

Top 9 Guidelines For Increasing Work Productivity

Workplace efficiency is the best way to express your experience and collaborative work productivity. Although we use this work to describe the efficiency of a person in any aspect of life, it is probably used in business situations. Can measure work productivity in a business sector by comparing the number of sales made and the […]

Customizable Business Communication Plans For All Type Of Businesses

When you have gone through a huge loss in the whole year of 2020 during the pandemic crisis of Covid-19. In this way you might be looking forward to starting your new year with profit. When it comes to making profit in your business, it is necessary to look forward towards improving your productivity. But […]


Improve Your Business Reliability & Procure Your Customer’s Trust

The reliability of your business depends upon the interaction of your representatives with your customers. For which your employee performance matters. In this manner, it is necessary to track and deal with your employee performance so as to improve your business reliability and procure your customers’ trust. On the off chance that you are maintaining […]

How Happy Your Clients Are During This Worldwide Emergency ?

Customer’s feedback matters most for the evaluation of your service and support. A positive feedback from the customer that is in the favor of your services and support increases the rating of your business and it motivates you and your employees as little achievements for the efforts they have made. Making your customers happy with […]

Are you ready to Transform your Office into a Mobile Office for Seamless Work ?

Vitel Global Communications is a leading business communication system provider company which is best for establishing a communication system for all types of business industries. Vitel Global has Unified abilities to set high standards for the business communication system to lead a small and mid-sized business organisation upto a large enterprise. We have created amazing […]

Integrating CRM with Business Phone

Integrating CRM with Business Phone is Necessary in Every Phase

Integrating CRM with Business Phones is Necessary for Every Phase of a business. It also plays an integral role in business communication to communicate with a large audience. It spreads awareness of your brand, products, and services. Integrated communication tools help in integrating all essential components of collaboration between all the employees as well as […]

Is Your Business Communication System Capable Of Handling All The Communication Tasks ?

Communication systems play an important role in a business for the communication and collaboration with all the customers and employees. But the question is that is your business communication system capable of handling all the communication tasks at the same time. Does your communication system make you happy by satisfying you with the communication features […]

Importance of Upgrading Your Office Phone Systems

Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

Revolutionizing Business Communications: Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions

5 Emerging Technologies Disrupt Industries In 2023

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