Multichannel Contact Center

Everything You Need to Know about Multichannel Contact Center

Are you tired of struggling to provide seamless customer service across different channels? Look no further than a multichannel contact center. With the rise of technology and the ever-growing number of communication platforms, it’s more important than ever to have a strategy in place for handling customer inquiries across various mediums. In this blog post, […]

Workplace Training

Enhance Workplace Training With Virtual and Augmented Reality

Introduction: Workplace training is a very crucial concept in any organization. Many firms invest huge amounts in hiring and training their resources according to their requirements and needs. It is important to consider the skill set of the employees and provide apt training on their roles and responsibilities in the company to ensure they deliver […]

Emerging Technologies

5 Emerging Technologies Disrupt Industries In 2023

In 2023, the market value of the five emerging technologies below has reached $1 trillion: Blockchain (software), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, artificial intelligence and deep Learning, and nanotechnology. In this article, I will explore how these technologies impact industries:  Changing industry structures from vertical to horizontal,  Creating new technology-enabled business models, and  Changing consumption behaviour. […]

Future of work

Artificial Intelligence: How Does It Impacts The Future Of Work?

This blog post is meant to introduce the reader to the big idea of a technological revolution called Artificial Intelligence and its impacts on the Future of Work. Soon, many jobs will be replaced with automated systems. And while it’s true that some of these jobs will be eliminated, in others, a human must still […]

Digital Transformation

7 Strategies to Drive B2B Sales: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a business practice that seeks to transform an entity into a digitally driven company. It turns a non-digital company into one with a robust digital presence, often through adopting digital technologies and innovation in information architecture. It has become vital to achieving growth, efficiency, and cost reduction in many sectors of the […]