How AI Change VoIP Forever?

Artificial Intelligence and VoIP

AI and VoIP are significantly had great impact on technology, to be precise in the telecommunications world where artificial intelligence is used for shipping VoIP delivering more benefits, increased efficiency for businesses small to large when compared today benefits achieved only through VoIP technology.

Artificial intelligence is successfully implemented showing tremendous results in various fields apart from telecommunications world and now it has been started implementing and integrating with the VoIP technology where it is used to automate processes in the voice communication operations.

Before learning the impact of artificial intelligence over boy let us know the definitions of both the technologies.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is the technology used for processing the machines simulating the human intelligence especially computer systems. Artificial intelligence includes expert systems, speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine vision applications for the processing of systems.

Artificial intelligence integrated with the VoIP is mainly operated for the automation of processes is mostly successful in the area call centers.

Call Center Systems

AI integrated with the VOIP changed the operation structure of call centers making many improvements like

  • Routing of calls
  • Ability to detect the mood of caller
  • Alerting the agent directly in the customer call itself depending upon the complaint
  • Faster retrieval of the customer information call
  • Lowering call cost
  • Highly flexible
  • Receives large volume of calls
  • Saves agent’s time
  • Directs calls automatically and quickly
  • Integrates with AVR, Automated Voice Response
  • Retrieves customer information quickly like past and recent transactions, complaints and many other details

Chatbot Systems

AI is integrated with the chatbot systems that performs actions like

  • Performs actions like receiving instructions through text or voice
  • Easily integrated with the human interaction
  • Performs pre screening
  • Routes the calls
  • Book appointments
  • Set up meetings easily
  • No manual directions are required
  • Analyses data in a quicker way
  • Lowers call traffic by machine learned techniques
  • Decodes complex interpretations of the customers thus saving time of both business and customers

So, implementing and integrating VOIP with the AI technology helps any business to be more productive when compared to the application of VOIP technology in your business as advanced technologies make your business more productive and more efficient.

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