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In this rapidly growing modern era, there is always a technological solution that simplifies any complex problem in real-time. Companies are using the Virtual Phone Number to improve and enhance the quality of business communication.

However, speaking of businesses, communication in an organization matters a lot. Companies face many incidents and consequences due to a lack of proper business communication. Although the awareness of this concept is widely spread, many implementations remain.

These tools are renowned for their additional features and how they benefit businesses to the maximum. All these UCaaS features are designed in such a way that they contribute to the growth of the organization directly, irrespective of industry profile or company size.

One of the major advantages of using such tools for interaction inside the organization and with external clients or customers is the virtual phone number. In this digitized world, this term has gained much popularity and is trending in the corporate world. Furthermore, this blog post will let you explore everything you need to know about the virtual phone and its uses.

Why Virtual Phone Number?

There are several virtual numbers that your company can adopt. Once a company installs a business phone service, multiple numbers can be generated based on the employee count. All the numbers will be connected to one single server but can be used by any device. They erase the concept of geographical barriers and can connect people across the globe.

One of the popular reasons why companies use such numbers is that they are extremely budget-friendly and cost-effective. As every company looks for multiple ways to reduce unnecessary expenses while improving efficiency, using such numbers helps. It offers several features that are not present in any general regular phone.

Benefits to the Organization

A common query or concern every business owner has before installing any new service is its benefit to their organization. To address this concern, here are a few points that will help you understand the results of using these virtual phone numbers:

1. Professionalism

All the employees must portray themselves professionally to attract new customers and for successful lead conversions. Corporate phone numbers for businesses will enable the employees to separate personal and professional calls. It helps in routing the right calls to the right departments. Henceforth, many companies choose this as a mode of interaction for all their employees.

2. International Availability

International calling is considered expensive. But with these numbers, worry no more. You can ensure your company’s presence worldwide without setting up any physical work location everywhere. To avoid roaming charges, you can generate local numbers specific to that region but still connected to your server.

3. Customer Relationships

These numbers are usually easily memorized. They are also equipped with certain features like voicemail and recording, which makes them easily accessible and available. Setting up employees all the time is expensive and might not be an effective solution. In such cases, you can choose these numbers to be constantly available for your customers.

Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

Accessing a virtual phone number through multiple devices is possible with VoIP technology. Based on the requirement, a company can prefer the numbers. Two of the popular numbers used by many companies are:

Toll-Free Number

As the name suggests, these numbers are free for the public but costly for the organization. Bearing the expenses is not ideal; companies can use these numbers only in case of complaint registrations or emergencies.

Mobile Number

In this world, mobile phones are the most commonly used medium for communication. Mobile numbers look like regular numbers consisting of 10 digits yet have notable differences. Companies can use this for standard calling.

Reasons To Use Virtual Phone Numbers

1. Customizable

Offers customizable virtual phone numbers according to your company’s requirements.

Every company has different condition and need. Any company can adapt these numbers irrespective of the industry or size. Over time, along with your company, these numbers also grow or decrease. They are suitable as long-term solutions.

2. Remote Working

Post-pandemic, remote or hybrid work modes have become extremely popular and common. Especially in the case of small businesses, several employees are working from distinct locations yet staying connected. In such cases, using these phone solutions will assist in keeping all the employees of an organization associated.

3. Simplifies Operations

All employees must work collectively and collaboratively to achieve the targeted goals. If there is a smooth flow of operations, it will reduce challenges that occur in the way of plans. These phone numbers will simplify employee tasks and can maintain clear records of the data. The interpretation and representation will become easier and simpler.

4. CRM Integration

Many companies now prefer to integrate CRM services into their existing virtual phone numbers as they can keep track of their activities. Once employees receive these corporate numbers, they might receive numerous calls in a single day. It is challenging to maintain records of all the calls and data manually, but with VoIP CRM-integrated numbers, it is a lot more efficient.

5. Customer Retention

Companies should focus not only on customer acquisition but also on customer retention techniques. These numbers can help you keep connected with your customers daily. You can frequently pass those updates about your organization, products, or services. Addressing their queries, concerns, and complaints also becomes safe and quick.

6. No Hardware

Installing these phone solutions in your firm is no longer a challenge. You can choose and activate these numbers easily. They do not need any specific hardware to support them or their functionality. They can access it from anywhere and from any device. Henceforth, the prices of installing such solutions are also comparatively low.

7. Multiple Calling Features

Compared to the regular landline phones used for residential purposes, these phone numbers provide additional advanced VoIP calling features if you choose your provider accordingly. These include call recording, voicemail, automatic greetings and many more. These features can add much value and reduce the burden off the employees’ shoulders.

8. Data-Driven Decisions

You can access the call data in one place by recording the calls using a virtual phone number.

It enhances the accuracy of decisions and reduces their uncertainty of it. The data stored or collected remains safely and securely within the management, and only employees with the right credentials can access it.


Following the rising trend, many companies are switching to virtual phone numbers to facilitate business communication. All business owners must have a clear idea about these numbers and how they benefit from them before making any decision. Only then can they utilize the services to their maximum potential.

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Published: March 15th, 2023