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Are you looking for the best cloud remote office tools? Don’t miss out Vitel Global Communications believes in empowering technologies with our advanced strategies and ideology. Our services allow you to efficiently manage remote and distributed workstations.

With our collaborative environment, a sensing network has been constructed that allows central management of environmental and all business tools along with the information from unmanned and remote sites via a cloud platform.

With accurate remote monitoring of the operational status via a cloud management system, vendors can respond immediately. Hence, it can boost the confidence of vendors and employees as well.

Vitel Global offers a platform that offers fast, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. We are one of the top cloud VoIP service providers that offer a service of every business tool required to manage and control remote offices.


The best cloud remote office phone system lets you communicate as if you were in the same room. With video conferencing solutions, your employees can get up-to-speed with a project by watching and talking about it together without leaving their desks.

When you’ve got hundreds of employees and multiple locations. Video conferencing software can be an extremely valuable tool for building a strong team. And keeping the entire office connected in real-time. What’s more, with so many companies moving to the cloud, there are plenty of options out there for investing.

When you meet in person, you have a chance to interact with employees and learn more about them. Video conferencing also gives you a face-to-face opportunity to share information and talk through ideas.

Better Communication

Video conferencing can help your business become more productive by allowing employees located throughout the country or world to handle their responsibilities with ease. Unified communications providers provide popular tools among businesses because they offer voice and video calls at no cost, as well as conference calls that work on mobile devices. You can also create group chats with multiple people at once for free. Which makes it a good choice for remote teams working together from different locations.

There are several benefits to using video conferencing software for remote offices, including eliminating the need to commute from one building to another and saving money on office space.

In addition, it can be easier and more productive for employees who are not located in the main headquarters to have meetings with supervisors or colleagues from other areas of your company. Corporate business phone solutions enable you to use it with a variety of mobile devices and computers.

It features easy sign-on and screen sharing, which makes this tool an excellent choice if you are looking for reliable software for video conferencing.

Cloud video conferencing system for Business is one of the best platforms designed specifically for businesses that want to collaborate with customers, suppliers, or business partners on video calls from their accounts.

This tool has some amazing benefits and integrates well with your other online services. Unified communications providers are an exceptional tool for video conferencing and it has a free option as well. It is available to use on all phones and lets you make conference calls, share presentations, or present them to a group.

Cloud Remote Office Tools:

Remote Communication Tools

Our cloud remote services bring individuals together from different time zones beyond geographical boundaries. We deliver scalable, reliable, and secure services that can handle all business communication operations while riding productivity high. With our desktop application, reaching out to a co-worker or customer becomes easier than ever before. You can simply click on a phone number directly from your Desktop Application or in the browser to initiate a new conversation either a chat or call.

Our smart IVR system boosts the productivity and accuracy of query handling. You can send or receive business SMS through the Vitel Global VoIP system. You can enjoy unlimited virtual configuration possibilities to configure how you set up your hosted PBX and VoIP solution to make and take calls. Therefore, we have made it convenient to work from remote offices.

We offer 60+ data and voice features that allow you to access the business environment sitting right from your place. You can enjoy conference bridging, an intelligent call recording system, excellent CRM/ATS Integration, and many more. These state-of-the-art communication tools empower your mobile workforce to do beyond their capacity.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Solutions

Reduced Cost

Video conferencing allows many employees to meet in one place, rather than having everyone travel to a central location. As long as everyone has access to the internet. Tools will let employees throughout your company meet with each other from their desks.

Video conferencing tools provide the best quality of service at a reasonable cost. This application saves you money in terms of travel and company space, as well as increases employee productivity.  Using this solution can have a positive impact on your bottom line and help maximize your resources.

Better Collaboration

You can share documents, edit presentations, discuss ideas, and make remote personal appearances in real-time with a high-quality video conference. The tool also allows you to video chat with others, take videos, and record voice notes.

It can be used in a wide variety of ways, making it a good one-stop solution. Remote office phone systems are also an excellent option for video conferencing and its features are not limited to the clients alone.

This tool allows for video calling as well as instant messages, file sharing, and screen sharing. With mobile app integration, you can answer calls from your phone or tablet right from the app itself.

Improved Productivity

Video conferencing software allows you to work from any location that has internet access and stream your desktop to any other device or person on the globe for remote monitoring or collaboration. One of the most effective ways to improve productivity is by using video conferencing software to switch computer screens into group calls.

Meeting face-to-face can improve collaboration and help develop better solutions than what you could achieve over email and phone calls. When you use video conferencing, you get the benefits of working together without having everyone come into one room.


Flexible scheduling tools make it easy for you to adjust the length of your conference. Some companies have found that the best way for their employees to work together is by having video conferencing conversations. Where everyone can see and hear each other, even if they do not have identical computers. The users receive discounts on professional products like computer-aided translation so that they too have affordable access to these products.

Many people are now seeing video calling as a primary method of communication. With more and more people using remote office tools for communication. This is helping with the problem of information overload, and allowing people to do their jobs from around the world or outside of town.

Increase Employee Engagement

Remote employees might be more motivated to do their work if they have constant access to a team member in a different location. If people feel that they’re part of something high. They’ll be more likely to make the effort that it takes to complete projects.

The best cloud remote office tools allow you to work seamlessly. With access to all the collaboration apps and software, you need from anywhere in the world.

These remote office solutions offer a broad range of capabilities. Which includes video conferencing tools as well as file sharing, screen sharing, and more. Some even offer secure instant messaging to choose the right one for your needs. You need to figure out how many people will be using it at once.


The convenience of cloud video conferencing solutions will change the way we do business forever. The ability to make presentations with people located around the world is just one of the many benefits.

Published: February 25th, 2021