What to Do When Your VoIP Phone Fails to Make Any Call?

VoIP Phone

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VoIP Phone can fulfill any communication requirements. And, many organizations have communication challenges. But most fail to meet or address them due to internal issues.

For small businesses, it is a huge task to deal with the extra equipment and the costs for the establishment of the latest technology and there will be many proposals on the table for the directors and the management to deal with the latest launch of the product features or the entire product itself.

Having budget constraints and limiting the idea of the latest product launch will impact the overall performance of the company.

Does VoIP Phone Has Any Limitations?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a communication service that is considered the most powerful and productive tool for all types of businesses.

When a company has VoIP communication, the internal conversational processes will meet the best level with VoIP services.

But, this doesn’t mean that VoIP is the ultimate solution for all communication processes. There are drawbacks as well and VoIP will fail sometimes based on the situation and weather conditions.

There are only two possibilities here, one is VoIP gets impacted by technical errors and the other is due to natural disasters.

In the first case, VoIP experts are going to resolve the issue by troubleshooting the problem identified, and in the second case, server change or transfer of the server to prevent data loss or data protection is said to be done.

When a VoIP phone fails to dial your call there are multiple reasons behind it, today, in this blog post. We are going to discuss basic troubleshooting and the issues detected in it while utilizing the services.

There are certain things that we need to keep in mind before we approach the help center when the VoIP telephony fails to make the calls.

VoIP Phone

Those are Listed Below and We Will be Discussing Them in Detail Too:

  • Connection issues (Hardware)
  • Connection issues (Software)
  • Plugs and Wires
  • Internet speed
  • Condition of the IP phone
  • ATA adapter issues

These issues are not much into the technical grounds and a user without having a minimum knowledge about the communication gear can identify the issue and also able to troubleshoot it.

If we dive into the details, we request you to read through the blog and then comment with your valuable opinions based on your knowledge base.

Connection Issues (Hardware)

As we all are well aware of the hardware and how it gets affected due to the issues identified in the hardware equipment.

Connection issues related to the hardware involve the damage caused to the physical equipment like wiring and objects.

Hardware equipment is vulnerable to various issues, the wear and tear, extensive usage of equipment, and other related issues can be covered under connection issues, and hardware.

Connection Issues (Software)

Software issues will include the poor performance of the devices which we use. Let us consider an example here, if your Business IP phone services has internal device issues in the operating software. It will create a huge issue in signal transmitting and sometimes behave oddly.

During this time, there will be no connection to the internet and whatever you dial, you cannot get connected to the call.

Identifying the software issues will have the advantage of basic troubleshooting. If there is any update or upgrades required to the software that can be noted down, and there it will be communicated to the relevant software troubleshooting team. Who are working at the support end to finish off the tasks for you, The major thing is identifying them.

Plugs and Wires

The physical equipment that is present at your office which has some wired connections will get impacted due to the displacement of the phones from table to table. If you can identify the loose connections and displaced hardware. You will be able to fix them on the site itself without any support from an external person.

Fixing the plugs and wires is not a big deal for a person who even doesn’t have any knowledge about the technical issues.

Internet Speed

Internet speed plays a vital role in Business communication services. The jitter, call drops, and voice clarity lacks due to the unstable internet connectivity.

Connectivity issues can be resolved with the assistance of the technical team who is providing the internet connection.

Fixing the router at your workplace will also let the VoIP quality to improvise than before.

Condition of The IP Phone

The condition of the IP phone has a major role to play too. If your IP phone is not meeting the minimum requirements of the VoIP network capabilities, then there will be huge issues. The entire call quality will be impacted due to the low-end devices, and once identified. We need to switch to a better device for a better calling experience.

IP phones are available in the market based on the requirement of the businesses. Few organizations have to upgrade to the latest versions based on the communication need.

ATA Adapter Issues

Adapter issues will have to be resolved after checking for the issues in the activity of the ATA adapter. ATA stands for Analog Telephone Adapter and it has the powerful capability to convert any traditional phone into a VoIP phone. This will be assisting the organizations to save their costs from upgrading to modernized IP phones.

End Note:

When your VoIP business phone is unable to place a call to the directed number. Then there will be huge issues in connecting with the teams or organizing internal meetings. We have witnessed that, through the softphone applications provided by the Small Business Phone Service providers. Will provide applications that support android and IOS devices.

It is not possible every time to troubleshoot the issues which took place during an important day.

There will be minor and major issues that can be detected easily by the operators during the functionality tests. If the issues persist for a longer time and cannot be resolved through the basic methods which are explained above.

If the troubleshooting is not done, then there will be a huge requirement for technical support. You can go ahead and connect to the support team of your provider.

We at Vitel Global offer round-the-clock support to troubleshoot and assist in increasing your productivity level by resolving the issue. Hurry Up Get Free VoIP Live Demo Now!

Published: November 10th, 2022