5 Reasons: Get Benefited With Video Conferencing

Benefits of Video Conferencing

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Recently, we can see many companies switching towards virtual communication. It is the best way to communicate with co-workers and customers as it saves companies time, costs, and extra effort. We can all agree that communication is vital to complete tasks smoothly in any organization. Using Business Solutions such as Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, and many more can increase customer engagement and ease the tasks in management.

It helps ensure the activities flow in an organization without hurdles; unified communications can offer a wide range of solutions like Video conferencing. UCaaS provides numerous features for businesses that increase employee productivity and customer relationships.

What Are The Features Of UCaaS?

Video Conferencing:

Through cloud video conferencing solutions, people can connect on video calls and video conferences. Employees can host meetings, group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and many more on video calls, as it is a more effective way to connect. It adds a human element in connecting with people and increases professionalism.

Screen Sharing:

During business meetings, presentations and pitching are important concepts. Many employees struggle while presenting something because they lose the audience’s interest at that particular time. With the help of screen sharing, employees can share their screens while on the call. It facilitates all participants to look at the same screen simultaneously so they can all stay on the same page.

Instant Messaging:

Verbal communication is also a major form of communication. People can convey important messages in the form of texts. They can keep the information coherent and concise to the specific topic. Using UCaaS, people can instantly chat with their other co-workers during calls or even after calls. They can use either text one person personally or send group texts at the same time according to their convenience.

Call Conferencing:

Employees need not visit the office regularly to attend meetings or presentations; they can now do team meetings with conference calls. Unified communications foster better workplace collaboration where employees can deliver results efficiently. All the employees can join the meeting irrespective of location and time.

Auto Attendant:

Businesses can only be available to their customers for a short time. It can influence the business’s customer retention, but the employees can only sometimes be available. In such cases, the auto attendant feature of unified communication will keep the business active. The auto attendant will answer the calls and some most frequent questions. It will record the calls so you can get back later.

Benefits of Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing is one of the significant features of unified communications as a service. It will enhance employee communication by adding a bit of human element and professionalism. We are all very well aware that body language also plays a vital role in communication; through video conferencing, employees can effectively convey their messages.

Here are several reasons why you should consider Video conferencing for your company’s professional interactions:

Video Conferencing

Flexible Meetings:

Scheduling meetings often is the best way to stay updated about the activities happening in the organization. Meetings in office space can often be exhausting as the employees have to be available at the same time and location. Through video conferencing, employees can join meetings whenever possible.

Employees can connect with remote and hybrid employees easily without causing further disturbances. This feature allows them to work collaboratively and achieve organizational goals easily.

Host Interviews:

Hiring candidates can be a tough process for companies. There might be multiple rounds of interviews conducted by the managers or the recruiting team. While conducting interviews, observing the candidate’s body language and presentation also matters a lot. So instead of telephonic interviews, conducting interviews using cloud video conferencing solutions can be better.

Candidates from different locations can also apply for the job and relocate later on the confirmation status. Henceforth, conducting interviews on cloud video conference solutions is one of the best possible ways.

Client Presentations:

As a part of sales conversion, companies should host client presentations with their potential leads. These meetings are very important as the company gets a chance to promote its products or services in the best possible way to grow its sales. Cloud video conferencing can assist you during these meetings by providing high-quality services.

Employees can share their screens, send instant text messages, and use high-quality audio and video functions, which enhance their business communication. It can significantly result in the development of the company.

Connects People around the World:

Any business primarily aims at growing its business around the world. Attaining this objective is a relatively easy task now. You can connect with anyone at any time through cloud video conferencing solutions. It eliminates the geographical barriers of the company. You can scale your business globally and promote your services across the globe.

Employees can also work on developing a professional network using their business communication skills where they can understand the global industry standards of their roles and responsibilities. They can learn and adapt many new skills from this network that helps them increase their productivity.

Training and Demo Sessions:

Cloud Video conferencing solutions enable you to record your video calls. Recording and re-visiting the videos can help you with many purposes. For instance, when an employee misses a training session, the recorded video call can be forwarded for a detailed explanation. Once a person records a video call, it can be transferred to multiple people and used for multiple purposes.

While selling a product, the companies can explain the detailed descriptions of the product with the help of conducting a demo session online. Business communication online can be more effective than in-person explanations.


Business communication plays a vital role in any organization. To facilitate easy communication between employees and customers, cloud video conferencing solutions can be the best alternative solution. Video conferencing makes the communication of tasks and responsibilities simpler for employees. It enhances the work culture of the organization and saves time for employees.

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Published: January 20th, 2023