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Business calls with Microsoft Teams Direct routing in a team chat system allows administrators or employees to set up private chats that no one on the public channel can see.

Organizations must have an online account to work properly with the Teams Direct Routing service. They must also have at least one tenant configured within that account, along with an instance of the Microsoft Teams application installed on their devices.

The Team’s Direct Routing service is very easy to use, based on Business communication APIs. It means developers need to know how it all works before getting started.

The Microsoft Teams Direct Routing feature is a feature that is being implemented to cut down on the number of people in a chat room and better facilitate collaboration. Many companies are seeing this as an opportunity to become more efficient. Here’s an overview of how it will work and what it can do for you.

Users can automatically direct their chats to specific channels without creating them. It can be done using various different Microsoft Teams services, such as Room Support, In-Call Assistant, or Bot connector applications created by apps.

There are several restrictions placed upon the routing service as well, which organizations need to be aware of before they begin using this service within their organization. For example, calls cannot be routed between Microsoft Teams users and Business users within the same tenant. It is also impossible to use this service if the organization is registered with Phone Service for Business online or if its telephone numbers are registered with a third-party provider instead.

Business Calls Implications:

Flexibility and Mobility:

Interoperability with these products means Teams Direct Routing can easily work with voice and video conferencing solutions, such as corporate business phone solutions. It allows businesses to mix and match their communication tools to suit their needs across different organizational levels, such as departments or teams.

Communication will become more seamless as businesspeople can express themselves more effectively. By adding voice calls to a meeting, leaders can better accommodate remote workers and business associates who are always on the move.


It allows businesses to build collaboration tools directly into the calling platform itself. For example, internal communications can be automatically shared with other teams, while meeting rooms and phone numbers can be delegated to specific team members. Cloud video conferencing solutions allow businesses to lower costs and keep a high level of control over the communication on their team.

Integration and Customization:

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows businesses to integrate and customize their communications with third-party services. For example, organizations can use the features of Office 365 Groups to collaborate with customers or partners before or after a call is answered.

Improved Customer Experience:

The simplified architecture of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing means organizations can provide a seamless experience for their customers. It reduces the duplication of effort associated with managing different numbers and providing voice services, which improves customer experience and satisfaction.

Simplified Governance:

By consolidating the tasks, companies can simplify the governance and management tasks required on their unified communications applications.

Improved Interoperability:

It provides the ability to interconnect with other small business phone service providers. It allows businesses to innovate by connecting with other organizations and providing voice services.

Cost savings:

The cost of deploying communications can be costly. However, integrating Microsoft Teams Direct Routing into this system can reduce the cost of deploying VoIP technologies and their associated costs.

Unified Communication solutions from Microsoft enable organizations to consolidate the costs of voice, video, and other forms of communication into a single payment. Organizations can save money by routing all communication through the same platform. Organizations no longer need to deal with multiple phone numbers, voicemail boxes, and infrastructure costs.

IT efficiency:

Reducing the number of people in a chat room means that calls will no longer count against administrative resources, and IT operations can now be more efficient by focusing on key tasks instead of handling calls constantly.

Integration and Customization:

It can also be leveraged to integrate voice and video better calling into an existing unified communications system. Best CRM integration for small businesses will provide an improvement in call experience as well as cost savings. 

Microsoft Teams:

Inherently integrating calls into a single application means that the teams will be more efficient, and customers will get access to the new features and functionality without replacing their current infrastructure.

Unified Communications:

It also means the application is more integrated into the organization, with communication such as meetings and conference calls from Teams. It is also available across several Unified Communications solutions for Business.

Businesses can implement the latest for clients to integrate Teams Direct Routing as their unified communications solution fully.


It will also make the communications system more compliant as well. However, it does not apply to multilingual scenarios for Business Server users who require multiple languages and localization in their applications.


The access control policies can now be applied across all of the various services involved in making calls and allowing communication between different entities smoothly and easily while ensuring that security is always maintained.

Direct Routing provides secure communications by securing voice calls at the gateway, automatically applying encryption for each call. Organizations are not required to manage shared lines. To retain control over their call information when calling external numbers.

Communication between individuals can be protected using the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and a 256-bit algorithm. There are also plans to integrate the Windows Information Protection (WIP) technology. It means preventing sensitive data from being shared with unauthorized individuals is now possible.

Communication between individuals can be protected using the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and a 256-bit algorithm.


Teams Direct Routing service can handle up to 1 million daily calls for each tenant. There are also plans to build this service into the core system, allowing it to support many calls daily.

Remote Access:

With Teams Direct Routing, businesses can expand their meetings beyond the traditional office and remotely connect to communication when needed. It means that users do not have to travel as frequently or make long commutes for meetings.


Business calls enable integration across various Microsoft 365 products, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook on the web, Excel, and OneNote. The application also includes a deep integration Server, allowing easy integration with existing systems.

Software Development Kit:    

The global software development kit (SDK) for Teams enables developers to build innovative solutions. It leverages the real-time communication features of Teams to enhance productivity and innovation among organizations worldwide.


The business calls with Microsoft Team Direct Routing feature will bring out the best in Teams. Certainly, adds much value in terms of productivity and revenue to companies that take advantage of it. For example, the impact will be tremendous in the healthcare industry, where demand for patient care is growing exponentially.

It is a powerful application that allows businesses to reduce costs while improving productivity. Companies can enjoy enhanced communication with their remote workers and business associates while enjoying seamless integration across different products. This application brings together all of the features of a business phone system with more flexible and powerful technology.

Published: September 27th, 2023