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Unite Teams & Clients on the Go

High quality cloud video conferencing solutions are possible with meetings when conducted through Vitel Global Communications Video Feature.

Benefits of Vitel Video Conferencing
  • No Registration required for utilizing the services.
  • No external download is necessary.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms and accessible through different devices.
  • Plug and Play

High Quality Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions

  • Global coverage and applicable to multiple industry relevant.
  • Real-time recordings.
  • Customizable Meetings.
  • Supports link sharing and all other integrations.
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Cloud Video Conferencing feature

Video Conferencing System

Create user friendly workspaces and streamline your workflow through innovative video conferencing solutions from Vitel Global Communications.
All thanks to Cloud Video Conferencing which will assist in growing capabilities.

  • This is a cloud-based solution used in the online environment. It facilitates setting up HD video conferences with anybody, wherever who has access to a decent and reliable internet connection.
    Because of how it functions and the capabilities it includes, cloud video conferencing is different from regular video conferencing.
    Any services, programmes, or apps that the user requests from cloud computing services will run when requested. There will be no need for any external hardware or physical equipment because the entire process is cloud-based.
    A cloud computing server that will house the information is what is required. Any data or information related to video conferencing should not be stored on the sector's local server; instead, the cloud service providers will handle maintenance and other related tasks.

  • The cost savings increased overall productivity, excellent audio and video quality, and relevance are a few advantages of online video conferencing. Since the cloud video conferencing setup procedure is entirely online, no additional room in the business is required.
    Because of the cutting-edge features offered by the cloud providers, the productivity pertaining to the outcome of the video conference will be high and superior.
    When it comes to telecommunications, any business must offer top-notch services since it is essential for interacting with and supporting clients. Additionally, one must be ahead of the competition in terms of using the greatest technologies.

  • Vitel Global Communications offers the greatest cloud-based phone services for every type of organisation so that you may take advantage of the best services without any compromises and 24-hour customer support. We offer services in accordance with your needs and let the world see your success.

    • Number of users
    • Several users can meet at once.
    • Any user can take use of the multi-users option offered by Vitel Global at any moment.
    • Incredibly quick video conferencing with fantastic features.

Together, We Craft the Future of Cloud Video Conferencing

Transforming your Business in Minutes with Unified Communications
VoIP Video assistance

Astounding Assistance

A user and the firm staff may interact without latency and troubleshoot the difficulties that are developing and being handled by the client with the aid of the screen sharing capability.

VoIP Video quality

Enhanced Group Messaging

Now that there are robust alternatives and trustworthy built-in solutions, group chats are hassle-free. The group chat may be accessed from anywhere around the world and it works fine with a stable internet connection.

Group Messaging

Establishing Stronger Connections

Seamless meetings with internal and external parties, one-on-one conferences and many more are ready to avail through the group chat.

Video Conference

Real-time Additions

Add more participants while you are in a meet without any distraction to the existing participants.

Cloud Phone Video conferencing

Pre-plan your Meetings

Set the date and time to join the video conference depending on the need for the resource.

Video conferencing chat

Make the most out of the Video Conferencing

There are a tonne of functions in the Video Conferencing to investigate. Know more about them by browsing the feature pages.

Vitel Global's video conferencing

Interactive Grid Mode

Grid mode offers the answer if you want to change the entire view and the mode where you want to view each participant individually merged on the screen.

Multi-Browser Capabilities

Organizations may concentrate on more productivity with Vitel Global Communications video conferencing capability while ignoring compatibility. Considering that it supports and functions on any browser on any device.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the mobile compatibility feature, tasks will never experience a lag.
Since Vitel Video Conferencing is supported by all the mobile browsers, you can communicate with your internal teams or clients without a personal computer or a laptop.

Vitel Live Chat

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