How to Switch to VoIP Phone System: The Small Business Guide to VoIP

VoIP Phone System

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Once you have thought of switching to a VoIP phone system, you must first ask, “Why is VoIP necessary for your business?”

In simple terms, any business in the present world needs a cloud-based phone system to meet the growing demands of versatility in the business sector.

We expect different features at cost-effective prices which are flexible in every aspect. All these are considered to enhance your business operations and, eventually, productivity at the end of the day.

The present-day network is digital, and we ought to cope with it to match our competitors. Yet, most of the small and big-sized businesses across the globe have switched to VoIP phone systems. This blog discusses the essential steps in selecting and switching to the best VoIP phone service and its provider.

Identify Your Requirements:

The general reasons that lead us to VoIP are affordability, flexibility and versatility of the service. So, define your expectations in the first place.

Your requirements consist of the factors that led you here and the features you are looking for in VoIP Phones for Business. Also, a suitable PBX solution for your business.

So, always have a plan before you step in!

All You Need is the Internet:

Yes! The Internet is the only thing you need; it must be faster. VoIP elaborates on Voice over Internet Protocol and only works on the Internet and nothing else. Cloud PBX providers are more flexible and reliable.

VoIP is a digital system with 99.99% uptime, unlike the traditional landline. So, check your Internet before you step up for VoIP.

Choose the Suitable PBX System:

Well known to all but still, the crucial decision to make while installing VoIP for your business is the choice of PBX.

Which is suitable for your business? On-premise PBX or Hosted PBX system.

Businesses select among these as per their parameters. But, please be informed that small-sized businesses probably choose Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX VoIP systems. Besides, many businesses are shifting to Cloud PBX for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

After this!

Time to Search for the Right VoIP Service Provider:

Now, this is when you should find the best possible VoIP Service Provider. If looking for one, you must inquire about its data centres as they are vital in providing the best VoIP services.

Browse for a good one and go through all the reviews of their old clients, especially the recent reviews.

Customer Care:

Never ignore customer care services. Because, as per a survey, more than 70% of the users rate a business concerning its customer service.

Hence, ensure that the chosen VoIP service provider does not compromise customer service. And it ensures your operations are smooth.

Choose a Plan to avail of Free Features:

After you have committed to the right VoIP service provider, discuss having complete knowledge regarding the built-in features available to cut down the costs for the best affordability.

There are many in-built and valuable features for your internal business operations, such as;

  • Auto Attendant and IVR
  • Call Forwarding and Queuing
  • Call Record
  • Call barging
  • Caller ID
  • Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • Number porting many more…….,

Decide Your VoIP Hardware:

VoIP creates a usable space and flexibility regarding your communication usage. You can use the same on a desk IP phone or install VoIP softphone apps on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or similar devices to use VoIP services.

The hardware depends on your use, whether you primarily work indoors or outdoors. It’s only VoIP that can provide you with this geographical flexibility.

Bring Awareness to your Team!

No need to mention that your team uses the service, and educating and bringing awareness to them is essential.

Executives must know the available usage features and inform the team leaders regarding data storage, access and retrieval.

Also, managers in your firm must be aware of Data analytics and CRM integrations.

It’s Time to Install VoIP:

Once you have gone through the above checklist, installing a VoIP phone system in your business is time. Besides, the choice of the Private Branch Exchange is crucial. Seek the suggestions of the service provider before choosing one.


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Published: August 17th, 2022