How to Troubleshoot Your Business Phone: Basic Steps?

Troubleshoot your business phone

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One of the common concerns a lot of businesses have is about how to troubleshoot your business phone. The usage of business phones has increased vastly over a period of time. Due to the expansion of businesses and the demand for communication, almost all firms have switched their existing services to advanced business phone solutions.

The reasons might differ, but all the firms have similar thoughts about expanding their businesses to the next level. These upgrades depend on the thought process of the business leaders and how they want to operate from their limited resources.

Business Phone Solutions And Industrial Operations:

If you observe keenly, there is a considerable change in how people communicate; gone are the days when people used to wait in queues to resolve issues related to the technical or billing sections.

Modernization of the business has seen an uptime with the latest communication technology available in the hands of the data handlers.

With integrations like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the history of the customers has been preserved in the local servers and can be retrieved whenever needed.

This makes it easy for the customers to directly come to the point of resolving the issue and also makes it much easier for the technician to troubleshoot the problem.

Since the data is already handy, it streamlines the data efficiently, and there will be no challenges involved with addressing the customer with the essential details.

All these are only possible due to business phone solutions; these phones are the rulers of the communication world in every organization. There is no limit for any employee if such office phones are there to be accessed by them with their hands.

The Powerhouses Of Communication At The Workplace

Business phone services are provided by many service providers globally, and there are many benefits in upgrading your existing phone system for good.

The phone system you might be using for your business is identical to the traditional phone system. There are many drawbacks associated with it.

To overcome these drawbacks, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has emerged from the need for business communication.

With this in mind, most providers are upfront in providing all sorts of communication services at lower prices.

There are many competitors to these business phone service providers.

It is due to the increasing need of the customers and the need for businesses to upgrade to the next level.

But, the need is only said to be met if the businesses plan to upgrade and allow the customers to feel secure with their data.

Data handling is essential in any company as it will provide all the benefits of the standard communication process.

Now Coming To The Main Point: Basic Troubleshoot Your Business Phone System

Basic troubleshooting doesn’t require any expert hand to play around. The users carry out this basic troubleshooting by following a few necessary steps.

In this blog post, we will provide steps to troubleshoot your business phone easily and quickly.

From time to time, specific issues will arise while using the business phone service. The primary thing is to check with customer support.

In our case, we at Vitel Global Communications provide our support 24/7 without any deviation. We will not categorize the customer’s issue as a priority or low priority.

Our customers are our top priority; whenever you feel there is any underlying issue that is bothering you from taking full advantage of our outstanding business phone features. Get ready to call us, and you will hear from the natural person lifting the other side and resolving the issue.

Now that we know that there are many providers in the market. Due to multiple reasons they might be unavailable and their support system collapses just like anything, we have you covered.

Identifying The Issues

Issues have been underlying since the initial setup and may worsen with time. First, we need to find out the problems related to the business phone system.

The first thing will be that the user must be able to recognize the trouble and choose whom to contact.

In some cases, it is easy to resolve the issue by ourselves. For example! If there is any loose connection in the adapters or lost a pin or something familiar, that can be solved quickly.

Phone Ringing Issues

If the phone is not ringing, the issue might be with the provider; this issue arises when forwarding the calls. There are possibilities that the receiver’s end is not getting any calls or the phone is facing technical issues, so the ring cannot work.

The primary go-to point is your customer portal or control panel. These portals provide access to the entire settings for a standard business phone system.

Users can log in with the user id and password and check for the issues associated with the business phone while connecting the call.

If the ringing issues persist even after changing the settings in the control panel. It is the perfect time to approach a professional to resolve the issue.

Voice Mail Related Issues

The best thing in office productivity is voicemails when the other end users always complain that they cannot leave a voicemail for you.

Here are two cases again, if one individual raises the complaint and it is being repeated. You need to check with the phone by sending test voicemails. Sometimes the issue is with the other end user and not with the phone associated with you.

Compromised Sound Quality

This issue is taught to be resolved by the providers in the initial state. But, we can go with the improvement parts.

Poor sound quality impacts in many ways. Let us talk in two contexts. One is individual calls, and these are related to personal calls, and the conversations will not be productive.

And when coming to businesses, there is a chance that due to poor call quality, leads might get missed.

Call Dropping

Individuals and businesses witness this most of the time.

Due to network issues and other technology-related problems, this can be done quickly.

A quickly addressed and effective way to deal with call dropping is to check with the hardware. The broken antennas or damaged equipment is one reason why call drop occurs.


Based on this, basic troubleshooting refers to the challenges faced by business telephony users.

These issues provide the basic ideas to troubleshoot your business phone and assist the users in undergoing a proper process! It will make them their problem solvers.

We at Vitel Global provide 24/7 customer support and are always ready to assist customers in whatever trouble they are facing.

Awareness of basic troubleshooting business phones will save time and enhance the workplace or an individual’s productivity.

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Published: January 27th, 2023