Always stay connected to your customers just a phone call distance

When you are away from your device or taking a formal break from work, ensure the best CX with call forwarding.

Take Off

Never miss a business call by
easily forwarding calls

Call forwarding enables your business to be available at all times and is fully transparent to the caller.

Better Customer Experience

To avoid keeping callers waiting, simply forward incoming calls to an extension, a company phone number, or even your personal phone number. Shift calls to your colleague or assistant when you're not available to answer them, ensuring that each call is answered and handled.

Suitable for Small Businesses

Make your company more professional and prepared to scale for growth. All you need is a VoIP system with a reliable call forwarding system. More enquiries can be handled, and you can even customize your call forwarding settings based on the caller ID.

Call Logs

Executives and assistants can both access a history of delegated calls in their call logs, which are distinguished from personal calls by unambiguous labels.

Call Forwarding Service for Business Communication | Cloud phone system

24/7 Approachability

Not every firm can run continuously and a question arises regarding support availability. There are eventually after-hours times for enterprises. You can set up a call routing rule that directs incoming calls to your own mobile phone number or voicemail.

Call Forwarding gives you the ability of Omnipresence

Your office calls will be forwarded to your mobile phone when you use the call forwarding option. No matter where you are, stay in contact with your customers!

Call Forwarding Service for Business Communication | Cloud Telephony Operation

Advantages of using Call Forwarding feature in Business Call Management System

  • Affordability

    The requirement to purchase additional hardware is no more. Enable call forwarding feature in cloud technology, you may quickly and affordably set up several phone lines and avail the feature.

  • If one of your staff members anticipates a call after office hours, they can prefer the call forwarding option to transfer the call to a phone they can use away from the office. Besides, you can also switch the call to the IVR system to ensure that your consumers don't have any unanswered questions.

  • Customers strongly esteem businesses that go above and beyond so that they can meet customer demands and make them feel important. Therefore, Call forwarding enables you to offer assistance to your clients whenever they require it.

  • You can set up a dedicated number and direct all incoming calls to a greeting that details how to take advantage of your company’s upcoming offers for your friends and family.

  • The recorded welcome in a special number can be used to announce the current company hours when customers look for appointments. This number keeps everyone informed if a storm or other emergency compels you to close the office.

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