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What are the local phone numbers?

Local phone numbers are 11-digit numbers, consisting of a first digit as a country code, followed by a three-digit Numbering Plan Area (NPA) code specific to different regions, a three-digit central office (NXX) code, and a four-digit station number (XXXX). VoIP with a phone number, hosted on the web rather than on a landline, is commonly used by businesses and individuals. It allows them to place and receive calls within a specific local region, avoiding long-distance fees. This type of US phone number provides the most convenient way for businesses to establish a local presence within a community, regardless of location. As an advantage, the same US business phone number can serve as your US virtual phone number, allowing you to make and receive calls from both local and international numbers. Additionally, you can set up vanity numbers for easy recall, which enhances brand identity.

How do I get US local phone numbers?

At Vitel Global, we offer our customers a wide range of options to elevate their communication, whether between client vendors, employees, or external members. Getting started with a US virtual phone number is simple with Vitel Global:

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Visit the website's 'Pricing' section to find 'Pricing and Plans' based on the number of users and features. Select a plan.

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Click the 'Get Started' button to get the sign-up form. To verify, activate the link received on your mail ID, then sign in.

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Access the dashboard to check account info, billing details, phone system, call reports, PBX settings, and more.

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Navigate to the ‘Billing Details’ section, access 'Billing Information', and make payments based on the selected plan.

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Our technical team is available 24/7 to tailor settings to your business needs. Your local phone number is ready now!


Get your US business phone number in minutes

Explore the various types of US virtual phone numbers to choose a specific phone number for a business that aligns with your business objectives and goals.

Local Phone Numbers

Local phone numbers are 11 digits: country code, three-digit area code (NPA), three-digit central office code (NXX), and four-digit station number (XXXX).

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

A toll-free number enables customers to call you free of charge, improving the customer experience and engagement.

Vanity Phone Numbers

A vanity phone number uses a recognizable sequence of numbers or letters to help create a brand identity or for marketing purposes.

800 Phone Numbers

An 800 phone number is a toll-free number that assigns the cost of a long-distance call to the receiver rather than the caller.

Phone Number Porting

Local telephone number porting refers to transferring your current phone number from one service provider to another.

Want to port an existing local VoIP phone number to Vitel Global?

Port Number Now!  

Already have a local telephone number for your business? You can effortlessly transfer your local numbers to Vitel Global without losing your existing number. Our advanced porting service allows you to take advantage of advanced VoIP features without changing your established local numbers.

Vitel Global: A Professional Choice for US Local Phone Numbers

Vitel Global is the top choice for a US phone number because of its advanced features, clear voice quality, commitment to security, competitive pricing, dynamic infrastructure, and dedicated customer support.

Cloud phone system providers

A wide range of business phone numbers

Vitel Global helps businesses connect from anywhere using any device with local phone numbers. It enables you to create as many local phone numbers as your business needs in any location. You can easily route calls anywhere with an advanced IVR system. Additionally, you can include internal and external members in your communications, facilitating employee-to-employee, client-to-vendor, or any other external interactions.

Cloud business phone system providers

Reasonable and competitive pricing

We cover everything from basic to advanced features in our packages for a US business phone number, allowing you to select the one that aligns with your business needs. You can even customize the plans to meet your requirements. Our team will provide round-the-clock support at any stage of installation, updates, or maintenance. Our user-friendly dashboard lets you seamlessly tailor and integrate a wide range of features to meet your business needs.

Cloud phone solution providers

Extensive communication tools

With local numbers, you can access all communication channels in one place. Text, call, and hold meetings without missing a word from customers, even when engaged on a different channel. There's no need to switch between apps for texting, calling, or meeting; everything is just a click away. Enjoy unlimited local calls and texts (SMS or MMS) within the US, and make international calls at a minimal cost.

Cloud phone system

Easy configuration and integration

After you select the area code, we will activate your account. We've incorporated all the advanced AI call management and integration features that growing businesses need. Businesses can customize their local numbers according to their specific requirements, thus staying connected and saving time. Furthermore, you can operate on any smart device from the comfort of your zone.

Benefits of having a US local phone number

  • The Vitel Global dashboard is user-friendly, enabling you to perform operations independently of the technical team. You can easily route calls to your team, other departments, offices, call centers, team members, or anyone else within minutes by making simple adjustments in the IVR system.

  • Vitel Global provides a platform that improves communication. Businesses can connect with people regardless of time zones, locations, and working hours. You can add any type of attachment, connect with team members remotely, call, message, meet, and support customers all in one place, switch between devices, check the online availability of members, and switch from message to video in just one click, among many other features.

  • US local numbers effortlessly help you target the local market. Calling from local numbers makes it easier for customers to recognize you, increasing the chances of receiving leads. Businesses can build a local presence in various areas by adding more local numbers, enhancing brand engagement, and improving conversion rates and effectiveness in localized advertising.

  • US local phone numbers allow customers to reach you at every stage of their journey, enabling them to clear doubts or rectify issues. Using local numbers allows businesses to connect with customers, drive sales, and increase income seamlessly. They enable customers to call you without incurring international charges, regardless of location.

  • Acquiring a local telephone number to drive sales will enhance your business's credibility. Local numbers allow you to target your audience more effectively and improve your chances of receiving calls. Clients are more comfortable accepting offers from local business numbers.


Leading business area codes

Improve your business presence with our popular area codes for easy and effective communication.

Key features of our business phone service

A unified app seamlessly connects your teams and clients, regardless of their location.

Business Phone System for manufacturing companies


Accessible on all devices, including Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, Android, and through any browser.

IP Phones for manufacturing companies

Business Texting

You can text or send MMS updates using local telephone numbers instead of your personal ones.

Cloud PBX Solutions for manufacturing companies

Voicemail Transcription

Have your voicemails transcribed for easy reading, eliminating the need to listen to voicemail.

Cloud PBX Solutions for manufacturing companies


Provide an extension to every employee or department to facilitate connections at local and branch locations, regardless of their physical location.

Cloud PBX Solutions for manufacturing companies

Live Call Transfers

Keep incoming calls on hold, or transfer them to extensions, departments, and voicemails.

Business Phone System for manufacturing companies

Business Phone Numbers

Choose from our list of local, vanity, 800, or toll-free numbers. Alternatively, port your existing number for free.

Cloud PBX Solutions for manufacturing companies

Video Conferencing

Ideal for large meetings, it allows up to 100 participants to join via video conferencing. Features one-tap screen sharing from any device.

Cloud PBX Solutions for manufacturing companies

Call Menu

The IVR editor allows you to customize the call menu with a user-friendly interface for easy drag-and-drop functionality.

List of US Area Codes by State

A complete list of all US area codes state-wise for easy reference and lookup.















New Jersey

New Mexico

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota





West Virginia



New Hampshire



FAQs about local phone numbers

Explore our FAQs for insights into using and optimizing our business phone system.

  • Is it possible for me to switch my local phone numbers to Vitel Global?

    Absolutely! You have the full authority to add or modify your local numbers whenever necessary. Switching is easy and free through the Vitel Global dashboard. Meanwhile, you can utilize a temporary local VoIP phone number while porting. Once the porting process is complete, you can use your existing US local business numbers.

  • Yes, you can have multiple local phone numbers for your business. Since businesses often target varied locations, relying on a single local number isn't practical for establishing a local presence everywhere. You can add and assign these numbers to different departments and their team members for making calls or sending texts to potential customers. An additional fee is required for each local VoIP phone number you add. Furthermore, extra charges apply for adding vanity, toll-free, or 800 prefix numbers.

  • Yes, Vitel Global offers complete flexibility to add as many local phone numbers as needed to scale your business. We impose no limitations on the number of phone numbers for business. All of this can be easily managed from your online dashboard.

  • Yes, our local phone numbers support unlimited international calls. Please contact our support team for more information on how to get started.

  • No, businesses can select popular area codes of their choice; there are no restrictions based on the physical addresses of the companies.

  • The choice between a local number and a toll-free number depends on your type of business, as both options offer advantages and limitations. Local phone numbers help establish a local presence, power advertising and allow for multiple local business numbers. In contrast, toll-free numbers are easy to recall, convey a larger presence, and offer better portability. However, local phone numbers share costs with customers and can be challenging to discontinue. On the other hand, toll-free numbers may lead to an increase in unnecessary calls and are not a standalone solution for local business phone needs. You can select one or both based on your business requirements.

  • Buying a Local Phone Number is quick and easy. Once you sign up with Vitel Global, select a plan, and then browse the list of local telephone numbers for specific area codes in the US. You can easily customize your local numbers' settings from our online dashboard without additional hardware systems. For further assistance, our technical team is available around the clock.

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