Have Ease In Your Business Operation Schedule.

Answering Methods feature direct calls to the main line of your business, extensions and mailboxes through different options.

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Work with ease in Call Routing

If your business has multiple numbers, you can route the calls through different answering rules to each number.

Customize your Answering Methods

Use personalized answering rules to divert calls from family members or significant clients directly to a personal mobile phone. Else, route all other calls to voicemail.

Flexible Routing Schedule

Calls to your sales department can be routed to one agent on particular week days, and to a different agent for the remaining days of the week.

Allow Selective People to reach you

You can give selected people access to your Vitel Global number at all times, including on holidays and off business hours. A different approach can be set up to simultaneously direct all incoming calls to voicemail or another phone number.

Answering Methods and Call Routing | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Rules for Call Routing and Answering

Avail various options for your main number, extensions, and departments, as well as advanced call routing features.

Flexibility in Call Management

From any web-enabled computer or device, you may create and manage answering rules whenever you choose.

Answering Methods and Call Routing | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Answering Methods and Call Routing

  • Automatic Call Routing

    Have calls redirected automatically to any phone worldwide.

  • Give each staff and department their own working hours, and when necessary, establish special guidelines for answering.

  • Establish after-hours rules to direct calls to any number, your home phone, voicemail, or somewhere else.

  • Plan personalized greetings for holidays, vacations, and special occasions during the given date ranges.

  • The ability to track individual marketing campaigns or manage various company names is made possible by this functionality.

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