Tracking System Changes

Simple system change tracking and configuration-related problem solving.

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Vitel Global Admin Settings

Access all change logs for phone system, user, and admin settings with the Vitel Global app.

Maintain System Change History

Record of the activity and changes that occur within your business phone system. It provides a chronological history of system events, including call details, configuration changes, and user activity.

VoIP Multipurpose Feature

VoIP audit trails are used for a variety of purposes, including compliance monitoring, security auditing, troubleshooting, and performance evaluation.

Simplified Business Management

helps administrators handle communication difficulties including setup and user login concerns, track changes made by others, with helpful self-serve tools, and simplifies management of large enterprise phone systems.

Business Phone Audit Trail Feature | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Best Source of System Change Data

Audit trails provide a valuable source of information for businesses and organizations that rely on VoIP technology.

Optimize System Performance

They can improve system performance, ensure compliance and security, and help discover and fix problems.

Business Phone Audit Trail Feature | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Audit Trail

  • Compliance monitoring

    A VoIP audit trail can help businesses ensure compliance with relevant regulations and policies, such as those related to call recording, data retention, and privacy.

  • It is easy to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, unauthorized access, and other security threats. By reviewing the trail, businesses can identify patterns of suspicious activity and mitigate the risk.

  • It helps businesses identify and diagnose problems within the phone system. Businesses can identify patterns of system activity that may be causing performance issues.

  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the VoIP system. By analyzing the trail, you can identify areas where system performance could be improved, such as call quality, network capacity, or call routing.

  • This provides a historical record of system activity that can be used for future reference. It is valuable in the event of a dispute or legal action, as it provides a detailed record of system activity.

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