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Access your personal extension, saved settings, voicemail, and more by logging in to the shared Vitel Global desk phone.

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Tailored for Large Businesses

Brilliant desking features can be useful for large businesses and organizations with shared workspaces or desk-sharing arrangements like call centers.

More Personalized Experience

Enables business teams to use their own voicemail, profiles, extensions, and other phone capabilities while seated at desks in various offices.

Multiple Users on one Device

Brilliant Desking feature in cloud telephony enables multiple users to share a single physical phone or device, while maintaining their individual settings and preferences.

Reduces Investments

This allows Allowing remote workers, business travelers, and staff with flexible schedules to utilize shared phones when on-site. This increases every phone usage being cost effective.

Cloud phone system

Boost Your Company Productivity

Allows remote and field staff to conduct business while visiting various workplaces with a variety of settings.

Simple and Secure

People can instantly log in to any shared phone from wherever they are working because it is simple to learn and use.

Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Brilliant Desking

  • Flexibility

    With brilliant desking, users can work from any available desk or workspace, without having to worry about phone setup or configuration. This can be particularly useful for businesses with mobile or remote workers.

  • Reduce the telecommunications costs by allowing multiple users to share a single physical phone or device. This is valuable for businesses with a high number of users or a limited number of workspaces.

  • Desking features help improve productivity by reducing the time and effort required to set up and configure phone systems. Users can log in to any available device and start working right away.

  • Personalize their settings and preferences, even when sharing a physical phone or device. This can help ensure a consistent user experience across the network, regardless of the physical location or device.

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