Deploy Call Flip feature to easily and rapidly switch calls from one device to another

You may easily transfer an active call between your desk phone, mobile device, and softphone.

Take Off

Never disconnect a business call

Call Flip is the practical method to transfer from one device to another without hanging it. This feature makes sure that you never have to end a call early.

Switch the call between devices

Get the freedom to transfer a call that is already in progress. Switch it from a desk phone, a mobile phone, and a softphone. Calls shifted through Call Flip, as opposed to Call Transfer, are intended to be picked up by the one who initiated the transaction.

Unique Feature of Cloud Telephony

This world where business is more mobile than ever needs a solution like Call Flip. It's a component of a feature-rich cloud PBX system that serves users the freedom to customize use guidelines and call routing.

Look Big and Professional

A corporation may benefit from call flipping in many ways. A phone system with the newest call-forwarding technology not only boosts employee productivity but also radiates a higher level of professionalism.

Call Flip | Buinsess Phone Features | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Look more professional with quick business operations

It's a component of a feature-rich cloud PBX system that lets users set up custom use policies and call routing patterns.

Do not hang a business call! Just switch it between devices.

An appropriate business leader never ends a client call abruptly. In case you want to move, just switch the call from the desk phone to your mobile device.

Call Flip | Buinsess Phone Features | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Call Flip Feature

  • Take Calls Anywhere

    So, you are no longer restricted to your desk now. Instead, you can accept incoming calls wherever you are and carry on the conversation using a different device.

  • You may switch calls between your computer, phone, and tablet without any problems if you use Vitel Global Business Phone solutions. You can log into multiple devices simultaneously.

  • When transferring calls between your devices fast and conveniently, call flipping can be a lifesaver. Disconnecting a business call in the middle cannot gain goodwill.

  • Your agents will be more productive since they will spend less time handling calls and putting consumers on hold. Call Flip raises customer satisfaction generating loyal customers.

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