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Vitel Global Call Logs allows users to check for incoming and outgoing business phone calls, conversation details, caller's identity, the number or extension they phoned, and the time, date, and length of the call.

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Identify Business Trends

Call logs can be valuable sources of information for businesses and organizations that rely on cloud technology. They can help you identify latest trends and optimize your network performance.

Enhanced Business Call Management

Call logs can provide you with a historical record of every incoming and outgoing calls, including call duration, called parties, and timestamps. Through a company phone system, call logs keep track of every phone call's specifics.

Better Productivity

Employees can check their call history on their phone to follow up on missed calls, which increases productivity. To learn about the trends in their phone system, IT administrators need to examine the data.

Business Analysis and Data Storage

Through a company phone system, call logs keep track of every phone call's specifics. For additional business analysis, call logs are frequently converted into a CSV or Excel file to store the data.

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Avail call logs to track every detail about phone calls

View your call history, both incoming and outgoing so that you have every detail of your customer calls.

Automated Call Log Delivery

You can plan an automated daily, weekly, or monthly email delivery of call logs and call record history.

Business Phone Call Logs Solutions | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Call Logs Feature

  • Billing and invoicing

    Cloud based call logs can help businesses to accurately track and bill for phone usage, ensuring that customers are billed correctly and on time.

  • Call logs can provide detailed information on call quality. It includes metrics such as latency, packet loss, and jitter. This information can help businesses identify and troubleshoot issues that may affect call quality.

  • Use this advanced feature to monitor employee performance, track call volume, and identify areas where additional training or support may be needed.

  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, such as those related to call recording, data retention, and privacy.

  • Businesses can detect and prevent fraudulent activity, unauthorized access, and other security threats. They can also provide valuable evidence in the event of a security breach or other incident.

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