Maintain Better Call Quality

It is more effective and productive to manage, coach, and provide support for sales and support staff. Supervisors will have the ability to take over calls, participate in, and speak quietly to employees.

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Monitor Business Calls in the Real Time

Real-time call monitoring, whispering to staff, listening in on discussions,
and even taking control of calls are all possible.

Accountability and Documentation

Call monitoring demonstrates to your agents your concern for their work product, professionalism, and impact on client interactions. Additionally, it offers crucial evidence in the event that a client disputes your company.

Assures Quality and Security of Call Centers

Cloud based call monitoring is used by businesses, service providers, and security professionals to ensure that calls are clear and reliable. They comply with regulatory requirements while protecting against fraud or other malicious activity.

Call Monitoring Software

It involves using a specialized software or hardware to capture and analyze the traffic on the network that carries your business calls. They may include features such as call recording, barging, real-time analytics, and alerting.

Call Monitoring Solution | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Record Calls for Quality Assessment

For anyone, your system administrator can enable automatic call recording, or you can record calls on your own to evaluate the call quality.

Support Agents through Manager Intervention

A tactical benefit is the ability to take over a call. There are occasions when management of a complex support ticket or the following stage of a sales agreement is required.

Call Monitoring Solution | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Call Monitoring

  • Improved call quality

    Monitoring business calls can help identify and troubleshoot issues that may affect call quality, such as network congestion or poor audio codecs.

  • Call monitoring services can detect and prevent unauthorized access to the network, protecting against fraudulent activity. You will have compliance with security and privacy regulations.

  • Now, your business can optimize the network usage, reduce downtime, and avoid unnecessary expenses, leading to cost savings.

  • By analyzing call data, businesses can identify areas where employees may need additional training or support to improve their performance, leading to increased productivity.

  • Long distance calls to reach you from your consumers don't cost any money. Local phone numbers make things simpler and less expensive.

  • While placing outgoing calls, you can also hide your principal company number by using a nearby area code.

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