Track Call ID while making and receiving calls

Users can see the caller's identity, name, and phone number on their device's screen before answering the call

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Caller ID for Business Phone numbers | Vitel Global

Unwanted Calls cannot reach the user

You can allow or block in the same way as you do with email. So, unwanted calls cannot reach the user.

Local Presence

Before making an outgoing call, VoIP enables you to modify the caller ID, which displays your company name and phone number. This enables you to connect with the person you are phoning locally.

Brand Recognition

Adjust the settings no matter what number you or your agents use to call the customers. The displayed caller ID would reflect your company’s primary business phone number.

Vitel Global Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free numbers that Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), offered by Vitel Global, enables agents to identify the current campaign of the calling party.

Cloud phone system

Use VoIP caller ID to increase trustworthiness in every call

The option of custom caller ID for your company will help you stand out from the competition.

Better Team Performance

Instant caller identification on incoming calls will increase agent productivity.

Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Caller ID Feature

  • Identification of incoming calls

    With VoIP caller ID, users can quickly and easily identify who is calling them. It makes it easier to screen calls and prioritize their response.

  • It is possible to personalize the user experience, such as by displaying the caller's name or photo along with their phone number. This can help users feel more connected and engaged with their contacts.

  • Users can detect and prevent fraudulent or spam calls, such as by identifying calls from known telemarketers or scammers.

  • The caller ID feature can improve the user experience by allowing users to quickly and easily see the caller's identity, without having to look up the number or answer the call first.

  • When making outbound calls to clients that have caller ID, be sure to display your firm name to increase brand recognition.

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