Dial-by-Name Directory

To make it simple for callers to find your staff, enable search by first or last name.

Take Off

Stay connected with your team

Callers can locate your workers in your dial-by-name directory, they may be reached anywhere, on any of their mobile devices.

Operate in a Selective Way

With a single click, select the staff members' extensions to add to your company directory or to exclude if they don't want to accept unsolicited calls.

Tailored for Medium and Large Scale Firms

Businesses with large employees or departments may find the Dial-by-Name Directory to be a beneficial feature. It can improve caller experience and streamline call routing processes.

Automated Voice System

This feature uses an automated voice system that prompts the caller to enter the first few letters of the person's first or last name, and then connects the caller to the corresponding extension.

Dial-by-Name Directory Feature | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Flexibility in Call Management

Make quick adjustments to the settings and let your Auto-Receptionist do the rest.

Business Operations made Easy

Find and connect with a specific person within your organization by dialing the letters of their name on their phone keypad.

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Benefits of Dial-by-Name Directory

  • Call Routing Efficiency

    Dial-by-Name feature can help reduce the workload of receptionists or call attendants by automatically routing callers to the desired extension, improving overall call routing efficiency.

  • Create more personalized and convenient caller experience, making it easier for callers to find and connect with the right person or department.

  • With an automated system for call routing, businesses can help reduce wait times, decrease call handling time and increase overall productivity.

  • Using an automated Dial-by-Name Directory can give businesses a more professional image, and convey a sense of organization and efficiency to callers.

  • Dial-by-Name Directory can be easily customized with pre-recorded messages, music, or instructions, to match the brand and personality of the business.

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