Implement the effective way of communicating with concerned individual

Your customer will appreciate your service if you can direct their call to the agent who can assist them right away.

Take Off

Extensions stand as the better option to generate enhanced customer experience

If a customer is unable to reach the concerned agent or he is on hold for a long time, it annoys him. Hence Extensions play a key role in routing the call to the respective support that creates loyal customers.

Customized Features

Vitel Global softphone on each phone extension benefits from advanced voicemail with email notifications while accessing personalized greetings, internet fax etc.

Sophisticated Appearance with Virtual phone extensions

Assign phone extensions to link your local and remote teams together. Connect various office locations, including remote workers.

Large Scale Telephone Deployments

Simplified inter-site dialing; configure a variety of site codes and short extensions. Use a template to quickly configure the corporate offline strategy.

Get Virtual Phone Numbers with Extensions for Your Business | Cloud phone system

Scalability for Business Operations

Set up an extension for every new employee. Set up an extension in one click. Choose an extension; even internal calls can be added there.

Flexible and Handy

Anytime, edit, add, or remove phone extensions.

Get Virtual Phone Numbers with Extensions for Your Business | Cloud Telephony Operation

Advantages to reap from Phone Extensions

  • Saves Time

    It might not seem like much to save a few seconds at a time while dialing a number. Integrating it with the workforce can be a great change.

  • Customers will be even more appreciative if you direct them to caring employees who can assist them as soon as feasible.

  • Cloud calling can make your employee work life better as they can use unlimited extensions to connect different devices to the same line.

  • VoIP forward extension dialing extends a dated feature that has been used for decades while adding new abilities.

  • Extension dialing is useful for employees in specific positions like customer service, tech support, executive assistants, and receptionists. They can transfer calls more quickly and with least errors by using extension dialing.

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