Greetings Professionally Recorded

Professionally produced phone greetings can establish your company's reputation and increase trust with partners and clients.

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Customize your greetings

Give a professional touch with personalized greetings and ensure the best caller experience.

Establish a Polished Brand Image

Users and departments can add their preferred music, messages, and voicemail greetings to their extensions. Everytime, a caller reaches, he finds it more organized.

Keep them on hold with a recorded message

Use professionally crafted communications to promote new goods, services, and special events and increase the effect of your marketing initiatives. Answer frequent questions through a recorded message.

It is a Versatile Feature

Choose from a vast selection of voice actors that are leaders in the industry, offering bilingual options, voice actors in several languages and dialects, such as English, French, or Spanish.

Customize Your Business Greetings | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Recorded Greetings are sophisticated

Bring elegance to your system menus, phone greetings, IVR prompts and directory menus.

24/7 Availability

Callers can leave a message if the user is not available.

Customize Your Business Greetings | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Greetings

  • Customization

    Users have the option to record their own customized greeting, which makes it more interesting and pertinent to their callers.

  • With a personalized greeting, callers can quickly identify if they have reached the right person, which saves both the caller and the recipient's time.

  • Callers can get a good first impression of the user's business or personal brand by listening to a well-crafted voicemail greeting.

  • The feature allows users to set different voicemail greetings for different groups of callers or specific times of day, which can help manage their communication effectively.

  • Voicemail greetings are accessible around-the-clock, making it simple for callers to leave a message when the user is not available and preventing any crucial messages from being overlooked.

  • While placing outgoing calls, you can also hide your principal company number by using a nearby area code.

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