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Vitel Global’s internet fax service will provide your business with cutting-edge online fax features.

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Internet Offers quick and effective functions

The business functionality of today has changed to a quicker, more effective method of data sharing. And, it did so by the use of the internet.


Vitel Global provides the full range of features you would expect from an online fax service, including previewing faxes, creating personalized cover sheets, maintaining the security of sensitive information, and organizing email inboxes.

Unlike Past, Technology Rules

Businesses can send faxes online even without a real fax machine. The sent document doesn't even need to be printed. It is delivered to the intended parties either as a fax printout through their own fax machines or as a PDF image via an online fax account.

Advanced Fax Functionalities

Avail interesting features including the ability to send faxes to multiple recipients, connect files from your cloud storage account, create unique cover pages, and more. You can also receive fast notifications via text message or email.

Vitel Global’s Internet Fax Service Feature | Cloud phone system

With online faxing over the cloud , go paperless.

Use your cloud phone system to send and receive an infinite number of faxes.

The top online fax provider for your company

Clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, legal, real estate and more prefer Vitel Global for its affordable fax plans.

Vitel Global’s Internet Fax Service Feature | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Internet Faxing

  • No Old Hardware

    Faxes can be sent and received without a bulky fax machine. You won't need to purchase ink or toner ever again.

  • Eliminate uncertainty by receiving real-time information each time a new fax transmission is received.

  • Faxes can be sent and received at a very low cost when compared to the regular phone lines (PSTN).

  • By using an ATA, you have the choice to continue using your current fax machine.

  • With the internet faxing, you can instantly send a fax while attaching documents from your computer or from a cloud storage provider (such as Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive).

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