Notifications through Message Alerts

Vitel Global's message alerts service allows you to get voice and fax notifications via email, text message alerts, or through the Vitel Global softphone app.

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VoIP Message Alerts Feature | Business Communications

It is a Personal Notification System

Use message alerts to get notifications on your computer or mobile device so you never miss important business messages.

Identify through Caller ID

Call notifications employ caller ID to notify you when an important contact phones your business phone solution. When certain phone numbers call your business lines, this service will send you an email.

Notifications to VIPs

Get notified anytime a valuable or a potential client calls your business phone. It's a fantastic method to deliver white-glove service without exerting more effort.

Reliable Service

Get an email notification that includes all the caller's details, including their name, phone number, the time and date they phoned, and the number they dialed.

VoIP Message Alerts Feature | Business Communications | Cloud phone system

Monitoring and Reviewing

You can easily keep an eye on fax transmissions and use call log alerts to rapidly check all communication history.

Personalized Notification Options

You can define specific email addresses and SMS message numbers for every kind of notification using advanced settings.

VoIP Message Alerts Feature | Business Communications | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Message Alerts

  • Improved communication

    Message alerts help ensure that users are aware of new messages in a timely manner, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently.

  • With this notifications feature, users can stay on top of their messages without having to constantly check their voicemail or email. This saves time and increases productivity.

  • You can customize notifications to fit the user's preferences. Users can choose to receive alerts only for specific types of messages, or set up different notification settings for different contacts.

  • You can access them remotely. Meanding, users can receive and respond to messages even when they are out of the office.

  • Message alerts are often included in the standard features of a VoIP system. Businesses do not need to pay extra for this functionality.

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