AI Conversation is the next level of virtual assistance

AI can automate call routing, shortens hold times, and saves you money as your agents concentrate on the critical cases.

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Better Customer Support

It might be just a machine; but they have the advantage of providing callers and customers the appearance that someone is taking their call and assisting them.

Reduced Employee Churn

IVR systems can handle the majority of frequently asked questions that an organization receives. They may be about office hours, directions, phone book, or typical tech support questions. Customer service representatives can concentrate on the more difficult problems.

IVR supports Medical Transcription

IVR technology has an intriguing application in the transcription of medical records. At the moment, doctors can record their patient notes and send the audio to a firm that handles medical transcription through an email.

Speech Recognition

The ability to interact with computers by saying simple commands is a characteristic of more sophisticated IVR systems. Speech recognition software has developed to the point where it can understand names and long numbers.

Multi-level IVR Feature | Buisness Communications | Cloud phone system

Customer Friendly

It is possible to deploy a number of menu items to create strong and complicated call-flow setups.

Your Business Phone system is Smarter now!

Machine learning is used in advanced IVR with conversational AI. It can comprehend every request made by your clients.

Multi-level IVR Feature | Buisness Communications | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Interactive Voice Response

  • Reduced Connection Errors

    Sometimes, callers may become frustrated if their calls are inadvertently routed to the incorrect department by the receptionist. Customers can make their own transfers using an IVR.

  • Consumers can use a process of elimination to identify the closest thing available rather than having an employee attempt to determine what the client wants.

  • Any time of day or night, a customer can access the IVR system. The consumer still accomplishes something and his concern is acknowledged as he will at least "leave a message."

  • An IVR allows a business to alter the system in accordance with its own services and consumer requirements. As a result, clients have a more favorable opinion of your brand.

  • All calls reach the IVR at once, rather than having just enough call capacity to handle a few callers.

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