Music & Messages on Hold

With messages and music on hold, keep callers informed and engaged.

Take Off

Update your customers

Publicize brand-new goods, services, and events.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

This feature is commonly used by businesses and organizations to provide a more pleasant caller experience and reduce the perceived wait time.

Best Brand Appearance

The Voice over Internet Protocol Music on Hold feature is a service that allows callers to listen to music or pre-recorded messages while they are placed on hold during a call.

A Business Attribute

Callers can use the "music on hold" service to listen to music or pre-recorded messages while they are waiting for a call to connect. The majority of companies and organizations use this capability.

Music on hold Feature | Business Phone - Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Retain your callers with technology

Start off swiftly with the standard audio prompts, then record a personalized greeting to entice callers to stay on the line.

Customize your service

Based on the time, day, and caller ID information, decide what music and messages to play. You can also personalize each extension with a unique playlist of tunes and messages.

Music on hold Feature | Business Phone - Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Music on hold

  • Enhanced Caller Experience

    Music on Hold can help keep callers engaged and reduce frustration during wait times, improving the overall caller experience.

  • Playing music or pre-recorded messages on hold can create a more professional image for businesses, improving their brand image and reputation.

  • By playing marketing messages or advertisements during hold time, businesses can increase the chances of making a sale or upselling to the caller.

  • Implementing Music on Hold is generally more cost-effective than using traditional hardware-based solutions.

  • VoIP Music on Hold allows for easy customization of hold messages and music, giving businesses more control over the caller experience.

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