Port your Business Number to Vitel Global

You can port your landline or prepaid cell phone number very easily.

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Retain your old number

Transfer an existing telephone number from one service provider to another, while retaining the same phone number.

Migrate to Chosen Service at free of Cost

Vitel Global will cover the expense of negotiating the transfer of your phone number from your current carrier. Your wireless account number and PIN is the only thing needed.

It is easy to port your number

It's preferable to start the port before you terminate your account with your present provider in order to prevent delaying the process. After your number has been migrated, you must stop using your old service.

Both Service Providers would help you

Transfer a traditional landline or mobile phone number to a VoIP service provider while keeping their existing phone number. This process involves working with both the old and new service providers to ensure a smooth transfer of the phone number.

Port your Business Number to Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Vitel is Here to Notify!

Vitel Global will notify you to let you know when your number has been successfully transferred and once it has been released by your service provider.

It is a Multi-day Process:

Please be informed that number porting typically necessitates a few days worth of waiting as the new carrier acquires the user's phone number from their previous service.

Port your Business Number to Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Number Porting

  • Retain Existing Phone Number

    Keep your existing phone number when switching to a new service provider. This is particularly useful for businesses that have established their brand around a specific phone number.

  • Cloud services are often more cost-effective than traditional landlines. And, number Porting can allow users to switch to a new provider and take advantage of the cost savings.

  • VoIP services often come with a range of advanced features and capabilities. Number Porting allows users to take advantage of these features while still keeping their existing phone number.

  • In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, businesses may need to quickly switch to a new service provider. Number Porting can make this process easier and faster. It allows businesses to continue operating without interruption.

  • Cloud services can be used from anywhere with an internet connection. Number Porting allows users to take their phone number with them wherever they go, making it easier to stay connected while traveling or working remotely.

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