Possibility of Mass Notifications

IP paging feature in a business phone system enables you to send one-way messages to a large number of audiences.

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Enable Audio Messages

The speakerphone on each device is used by this incredible notification system to transmit audible messages.

Real Time Announcements

IP paging enables real-time announcements to be made to a combination of desk phones and overhead paging devices even through speakerphones.

Easy Installation

Without the need for laborious installation and configuration of analog-to-digital converters, simply connect to your SIP-based paging devices and begin paging.

A Prioritized Feature

Due to the disruptive nature of VoIP paging, only office managers, IT personnel, or receptionists have access to this feature.

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Make Your Announcement Really Fast

Broadcast a message to users through VoIP phones and loudspeakers in a matter of seconds.

Better Communication Efficiency

Broadcasting notifications and emergency alerts to the entire organization or a restricted group of peers could improve communication efficiency.

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Benefits of IP Paging Feature

  • Quick Notifications

    Inform your team in a workplace or other areas of the facility that a call is awaiting them.

  • Remind your team that a client is using overhead paging to request assistance.

  • Send out a general alert to start a lockdown or to inform about other security measures.

  • Allows you to organize desk phones or paging devices in accordance with your business needs.

  • Ends the need for additional converts to be installed for analogue devices.

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