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With powerful call analytics and reporting, it is easy for you to evaluate the effectiveness of your calls and discover new insights.

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Statistics Can Be Finalized By User, Group, or Number

When conducting your analysis, you should concentrate on a certain service or user. Therefore, focus your analysis solely on the performance of the staff that responds to customer support calls.

Improve Customer Service

Call analytics can provide actionable insight and data about average customer wait/handling time, call duration and customer calls. This way, your organization can better understand customer experience with your business.

Enhance Employee Performance

Analytics in business calls assist you monitor employee performance. For managers and other data analysts, you can access call records, call time, and call count data and provide them with information about an employee's interactions with clients.

Quality Assurance

Business leaders can gain meaningful insight into voice clarity, latency, call time, wait periods, and other factors by using call analytics for quality assurance objectives. Through this, managers can work towards best possible productivity.

Performance reports for VoIP Phones | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Your Own Reports, Created

To obtain your data and arrange them as you see fit within your internal tools, export them or use our API.

Observe the key performance indicators

You can track the parameters that matter the most through wait time, call length on average, call response rate, and service level

Performance reports for VoIP Phones | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Performance Reports

  • Call volume

    This can help managers understand how many calls are being made on the system, when peak call times occur, and whether the system is meeting its capability limits.

  • Duration metrics can help business leaders to know the time calls are lasting on average. This is useful for capacity planning and understanding how users are availing the system.

  • These metrics can identify how many calls are being successfully completed and how many are being dropped or lost due to issues with the system.

  • You can identify issues with call quality, such as packet loss, latency, and jitter, that negatively impact the user experience.

  • Know the location where calls are originating and terminating. Sometimes, this information is useful for identifying trends and optimizing call routing.

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