Roles and Authentications

Anytime you handle more users, add an additional layer of protection and control.

Take Off

Roles offer Flexibility to Respond

Now, it is simple and straightforward to delete, add, or change existing roles to satisfy your brand-new specifications.

Custom Roles

From company-level jobs to specialized territories, you can create unique roles for every business need. Give unique permissions such as access to phone settings but not to extra apps. Until you reach the desired cap, keep adding permissions.

Access Permissions

A feature or app's access permissions can allow or prevent a user from utilizing it. A feature won't be visible to the user if the role doesn't have access to it. Without permission, users cannot download data.

Take Control of your phone system

If you want to maintain the permission protocols for your staff in order to expand your business, access to your user base doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. The scope of a user's access to the phone system is determined by the permissions assigned to each position.

Roles and Permissions | Vitel Global Communications | Cloud phone system

Better Management with Roles

With roles, you can repeatedly manually grant the same permission set to each user when they are added to the system.

Incorporate More Security

You may now have even more precise control over how users can use Vitel Global features by using custom roles, which offer limitless permission combinations.

Roles and Permissions | Vitel Global Communications | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Role and Authentication

  • Security

    By assigning roles and permissions to users, VoIP system administrators can limit access to sensitive information and features, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

  • Vitel Global Communications comply with regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, and GDPR to mandate strict control over who can access sensitive information.

  • Roles and permissions allow VoIP administrators to easily manage user accounts and access permissions, making it easier to add or remove users, change permissions, or troubleshoot issues.

  • By controlling user’s access to the features and resources they need, roles and permissions can help users work more efficiently and effectively.

  • You can customize these authentications to suit the specific needs of each business, department, or team, allowing for greater flexibility and control over user access.

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