Quick Way to share a Number

If you are a retail firm owner, shared lines feature enables you to distribute a phone number among many devices.

Take Off

Create Scalable Groups over Cloud

Cusing the Vitel Global Web service, you may easily add a line or phone device to a group from anywhere at any time.

Ensuring a Better Customer Experience

No more missed calls from your clients. Calls from the closest phone can be taken by any available employee with access.

Team Collaboration

The same phone number and Caller ID are used for all calls made from the Shared Lines group which enhanced team interaction.

Tailored for Small Businesses

This tool has become increasingly popular over time, especially with small business owners. As a result, the capability has been implemented by numerous ISPs and VoIP providers.

Shared Lines Feature | Vitel Global | Cloud phone system

Better Customer Service

You are allowed to share a toll-free number on several phones at once.

Shared Call Appearance

Now, you can assign more than one device to your user account thanks to the Shared Call Appearance feature.

Shared Lines Feature | Vitel Global | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of Shared Lines Feature

  • Constant Appearance

    You can share a single VoIP business phone number across several devices thanks to shared call appearance. In this manner, the visual representation stays the same regardless of which PBX device is being used to dial calls.

  • Calls can be placed on hold and returned to from a different device inside the same store.

  • Simple telephone handling requires no knowledge of complicated phone features.

  • You can accept an incoming call on any phone and share calls and lines among your phone devices.

  • Ideal for mid-sized grocery businesses, mid-sized retail stores, and restaurant chains.

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