Vitel Global User Templates

User templates let you quickly and easily apply standard phone system settings to numerous users at once.

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Create As many Templates You Wish

There is no virtual limit for this. As many templates
as you desire can be made.

Generalized Template with various features

User templates can include settings such as call routing, voicemail settings, call forwarding rules, speed dials, and other features that simplify your business operations.

Update and Deploy Easily

You may quickly update and immediately deploy common phone system settings to a large number of users at once using user templates.

Operational Efficiency

VoIP user templates can be a useful tool for network administrators looking to improve efficiency. They can standardize settings, and provide a consistent user experience for their users.

streamline workflows with vitel global user templates | Cloud phone system

You can Personalize Your Customer Experience

Apply location- or event-driven call handling rules automatically and such a move can be specific to each customer.

Reduce Network Errors

Network administrators can save time and reduce errors by creating a standardized set of settings and preferences.

streamline workflows with vitel global user templates | Cloud Telephony Operation

Benefits of User Templates

  • Standardization

    User templates can help ensure that all users on the network have consistent settings and preferences. Eventually, this can improve the user experience and reduce errors.

  • With this advanced technology, network administrators can save time by creating a single set of settings that can be applied to multiple users, rather than having to configure each user individually.

  • Now, you can customize the templates to meet the specific needs of different groups of users, such as sales teams, customer service agents, or executives.

  • It is very easy to scale in order to accommodate growing networks or changing needs, without having to reconfigure each individual user.

  • Instead of configuring manually, network admins can simply apply the template to new or existing users on the network, which can save a significant amount of time.

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