Now Boost Your Productivity with Advanced Business Phone Features

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Vitel Global Communications offers amazing phone features to help boost your productivity. With features like call forwarding and voicemail transcription, you can stay connected and organized on the go.

If you are looking for the best telephony service provider to boost your customer satisfaction or conversions?

Discover Vitel Global Communications solutions that can effectively optimize your call management and customer experience. Vitel Global is being loved by the customers and stands out with the best reviews and high customer satisfaction ratings. Our cloud phone system readily integrates with most of the CRM software along with the business tool you use. This leads to seamless access to information for agents and higher productivity.

Business Phone Features:

Vitel Global allows you to blend all amazing phone features with CRM, apps, messaging, and email to boost productivity. With our tools, access the most comprehensive state-of-the-art communication platform. It helps your blended agents to handle voice, chat, WhatsApp, SMS, email & social media from a single unified solution. Scale-up & serve customers faster with modern IVR of intelligent chat & voice features. Enjoy better insights and track agent performance with a complete view of call recordings against customer tickets. Hence, enable work from anywhere while tracking every call.

Vitel Global has been recognized by industry leaders and is a partner with JobDiva, oorwin, Salesforce, CEIPAL, and many others. We offer competitive rates and the best offers. Our VoIP plans are always on a curve, that will not higher your cost than a set limit and still, you can enjoy unlimited calling. With our mobile software has the ability to transform your employees’ mobile devices into a powerful extension of their office phones or standalone cloud phones. Our Mobile’s suite offers consistent collaboration and advanced tools-including voice, video, and chat-to. The tools will optimize your effectiveness despite any location. Our team analyzed the voice and data market and designed the modern communication system. Our services modifications are customisable according to the client’s constraints and needs. We are capable to excel in your business communication standards and productivity.

Published: February 24th, 2021