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The business world has been moved remotely since the outbreak of COVID-19. It was not easy for the employees not used to working from home. Employers themselves are concerned about meeting productivity criteria for every agent working remotely. Yes, productivity is a big concern regarding the team working from home. However, Vitel Global Communications established a unique business communication system that can be used to get better insights into agents’ performance and a suitable environment for business communication. A smart and effective communication system can ensure your agent’s productivity. You can share the data, arrange meeting calls or conduct virtual meetings on a single platform. As we know, communication can meet the gap between planned and actual goals. And if the communication medium is as reliable and secure as possible. It can have a negative impact. Vitel Global Communications designed state-of-the-art communication tools with advanced features to collaborate with your business.

We provide a reliable and simple phone system of high quality. Our communication system is flexible to meet your business needs in your desired way. The phone system has Full PBX capabilities with an easy interface. Our SIP Trunking Solutions will have disaster recovery features and metered or unlimited calling plans. Our communication system will host, manage, and maintain everything for your business. We offer as many VoIP extensions, fax, and Fax over IP.

There is no need to change your phone number. You can have number portability to the VoIP system. Enjoy remote access to voicemail along with notifications for email and voicemail. More amazing features include call recording, call transfer, call forwarding, and waiting. Call us now; our team will lead you to explore the features that can transform your business and increase productivity.

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