Energizing the Educational Sector

The integration of the telephone system with Vitel Global API Integration makes educational systems ideal.

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VoIP API Integration for education industry
cloud Phone Solutions for education industry

Vitel Global’s Solutions for Education

We all are learning constant learners of something in this world, we are here to learn along with you with the innovative technologies and methodologies available in the market today.

Education is never the same

Voice chats, video calls, and online webinars and training sessions have taken a speed boost and ruling the entire education system right now. Even the parents and children meetings were held online as per the on-demand situations of the pandemic.

Vitel Global offers cloud based phone services at lower prices hence, even with the minimal budget one can invest easily in enabling the PBX phone services.

Let’s educate together

Increase engagement with our communication tools

Using a cloud communications infrastructure including phone, video, chat, SMS, mobile apps, and contact centers, reinvent how education is delivered.

Using the mobile app, which offers audio, video, chat, and SMS capabilities for any device, you may securely interact with other staff members, parents, students, and community members in a matter of clicks. This is but one illustration of how our cloud communication platform may help your company as it transforms the way education is provided.

Powerful tools with advanced options

Create a customized platform to create engagement with the students

Whether connecting the classroom to the world or supporting students with a central contact centre, Vitel Global’s cloud communications platform provides all the ways higher education and vocational education and training organizations need to efficiently support the learning environment.

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cloud Phone Solutions for education industry

Modern-day Features for Good Education

Once you join our team, you can truly harness the potential of our sophisticated features.

Involving students in interactive classes

Assessments conducted online through video conferencing

Providing online education

Check for Student Progress

Getting in touch with the staff to clarify on various issues

Keeping of records

Dealing with Admissions

Monetary-related tasks

Business Phones for education industry

Let's reduce the remote learning curve

Currently, learning no longer starts and ends in the classroom. Instead, it unfolds over a variety of different channels and touchpoints utilizing cloud-based communications, enabling learning at anytime, anywhere.

Vitel Global for Instructors

teach as though everyone is there in the same space

Connect with friends, parents, and students with a single, straightforward hybrid platform.

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