Make social contact the focal point of caregiving

Utilizing cutting-edge, cloud-based communication methods will help you provide better service to patients and members while reducing expenses.

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medical Care VoIP Services

The concept of a centralized care point in virtual form

Improve access, lower costs, and create better experiences by facilitating communication between care professionals and patients in-person and via telehealth.

Vitel Global for Healthcare units

When a cloud-based office phone system is enabled at a healthcare facility, the results are impressive.

Exceptional Medical Care VoIP Services

When hospitals' emergency rooms and nursing staffs collaborate, patients benefit. The Cloud-based phone system will keep everything running smoothly, including call waiting, call quality, and everything else.

More collaborative interactions between the front desk and new outpatients, as well as between patients and doctors, help patients address their health problems and other issues in greater depth.

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Vitel Global and the Healthcare Industry

In a matter of seconds, patients may dial a number, have their questions answered, and be linked to a healthcare professional.

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Cost-Effective Telephony

Install an inexpensive yet reliable telephone system in the realm of medicine.
Push Yourself to the Extreme
Simpler Access to Medical Help

Talk to Medical Professionals and Patients Anytime, Anywhere, and Avoid Long Wait Times

In Case of Emergency, our services are trustworthy
The closest emergency personnel are just a tap away.

Do you need to contact 911 immediately?
Please know that you can count on us. You can call 911 with us.

Healthcare Industry

Patient-Centered Interactions that are Engaging

Using a toll-free hotline, patients may inquire about appointment times, schedule visits with specialists, and more.

Multiple Uses, One Convenient Application

Using the Vitel Global suite of mobile and desktop application. In a single motion, any member of staff can establish contact with any other member of staff.

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Medical Services Moved to  Cloud

Medical Services Have Moved to the Cloud

With our services, you can maintain constant contact with your patients. Some examples of their use are Test results, health and exercise advice, and reminders for appointments and expiring medications.

Insurance providers, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and others are just some of the healthcare organizations using cutting-edge communication platform solutions and services.

When new forms of communication technology are incorporated into the healthcare sector, it leads to enhanced and more effective communication solutions that provide the best possible treatment to a wide range of patients and healthcare professionals.

Phone Book

Keeping a call record will help you keep track of missed, received, and redirected calls. By doing this, the caller's intent is carefully investigated. This will clear up the uncertainty about number retrieval.

Call routing using the IVR portal

The IVR portal helps in call routing to the emergency wards or connecting with the emergency workers, providing quick service delivery. This provides reliable services.

Use less equipment and carry out more operations.

No additional tools or specialized equipment will be needed to complete the procedures quickly. One may use the services without any hassle using just one connection and a reliable internet connection.

24-hour medical care

With the help of our cloud PBX services, medical aid may now be provided at any speed. Everything may be live, whether it's a personal appointment or remote therapy.

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