Cloud-Based Phone System Integration: Seamlessly Connect Your Business Applications

Cloud-Based Phone System Integration

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Seamlessly integrate your business applications with a cloud-based phone system. Enhance efficiency and communication. Learn more about streamlined integration.

Vitel Global Communications considers the fact that how important the customer relationships are for your business. And we are also aware that the data of your customer’s interference with your representative is very important for your business to analyse the efficiency of your business calls and scale your business data in various ways including sale, purchase and queries etc. Thus we have created a CRM link to integrate your customer relationship management with Vitel Global.

Furthermore, making it easier for your employees to access your CRM data, we have an amazing function in our mobile app which integrates your business phone devices, with this app configuration, with your CRM system.

Just like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we have also added an Application Tracking System (ATS) integration in our mobile application which helps you analyse the data of the job applications and helps you in the hiring/recruitment process.

Key highlights of the CRM integration with our mobile app include:

Easy API setup & configuration: Our simple application programming interface easily configures your devices and makes your business calls, call time, ways to make calls more flexible and variable.

Swift phone calls with auto dial: This robust integration collects your business data including customers contact and with the auto dial feature makes it swift to make calls by depriving your employees to dial the number again & again and saving up to 10 to 15 seconds per call.

Flexible, reliable and secure: Making your business communication flexible is the motive of Vitel Global and we keep forward on that track. Our CRM integration keeps your business data confidential and safe in a highly encrypted base and increases the reliability of your business by improving the flexibility of your employees to communicate with the customers.

Call from any device or location: The mobile application is made in such a format that it supports every cell phone device including all Android and iOS with this feature it breaks the boundation to work from sitting in the same place the whole day.

Automated tracking via call reports: Our CRM integration tracks your employees calls and emerges your business data to help you analyse your business progress and employees proficiency so that you can take necessary decisions to make both of them more productive.

Published: October 21st, 2020